Tiny Tower

  • Cute designs – Citizen skills and VIPs
  • Limited long term depth

Build your tower into the sky with Tiny Tower a mobile title developed by NimbleBit. Commanding your virtual citizens (known as blitzens) you’ll build floor after floor in order to attract new ones to your tower.


Like any building your starting point is the lobby where new blitzens will arrive and ask to be taken to one of your floors. Provided this is a residential floor and their is available capacity they’ll make your tower their new home. Just like real world people each of these virtual citizens have their own unique skills (up to level 9) which serve them in one of the five commercial levels of food, service, recreation, retail and creative.

Herein lies the major strategy and management component of Tiny Tower which is placing appropriately skilled blitzens on the right floors to maximise your potential revenue (coins) from the items sold on these stores. Players will also gain some bonus premium game currency (Tower Bux) if they can match a virtual character with their dream job.


These currencies are then redirected towards new floors for your tower which can either be selected as a commercial or residential. A balance of both of these types is optimal to ensure you aren’t short on bitizens to man your commercial floors or find yourself in the other extreme of many unemployed pixel people. Similarly a healthy split between the previously mentioned 5 types of commercial floors will ensure you can maximise dream jobs and the strengths of the random citizens that show up in the lobby.

To add in extra gameplay Tiny Tower includes special VIPs that will occasionally show up to lend a helping hand, small tasks to provide an active element to the game, missions and the BitBook (an in-game Facebook for your tower dwellers).


  • Build your own high rising tower.
  • Find homes and dream jobs for your citizens.
  • Use special VIPs to boost your towers growth.
  • Choose from residential and 5 different commercial types for each floor.
  • Free to play iOS and Android title.



Review Platform: iOS

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