Titan Quest

  • Unique historical and fantasy blended setting for an ARPG
  • Mastery system allows for a range of potential combinations to create your ideal playstyle
  • Linear design can make your experience lack differentiation between playthroughs

Titan Quest is a popular action role-playing game originally released in 2006 for Windows with a 2007 expansion titled Immortal Throne. Since this original release the game has been reborn with additional content and expanded to modern day consoles through an Anniversary Edition. Featuring the same core experience this refreshed edition improves your multiplayer experience, squashes some bugs, balances items, improves enemy AI, new bosses to battle and a range of quality of life enhancements.


In Titan Quest players are transported into a historical and mythological setting that takes players to locations of the ancient world like Egypt, Greece and China while battling fantasy horrors. Ultimately your goal in these ancient worlds is to track down and defeat the powerful Titans who have recently escaped from their ancient prisons.

These Titans once ruled over the world before their was life at which time the Olympian Gods appeared and banished the Titans to make room for the development of the mortal world. Starting from the village of Helos where beasts have recently been attacking the locals and their crops players will adventure towards the source of darkness to banish the Titans again to usher in the next golden age for the human race. Told across a number of unique locations players will follow a traditional action RPG path that has quests, NPCs and item loot to optimise.


Within this setting players will dive into an action RPG framework the foundation of which is your customised character (gender, name and colour). From this simple starting point players will invest into two of the eight base available masteries (11 with all content unlocked) that ultimately determine your class and playstyle by providing skills for you to invest into. From the base experience this includes the masteries of storm, defence, earth, nature, warfare, hunting, spirit and rogue with expansion content offering dream (Immortal Throne), rune (Ragnarok) and Neidan (Eternal Embers).

This design allows for a large set of mastery combinations and while some are easier to play each combination is designed to be a viable path through the mythical lands of Titan Quest. Some example combinations includes the difficult to play Elementalist that uses the lightning and cold spells from the storm mastery and pairs it with the fire and physical effects of the earth mastery. For comparison players can merge the tanky defence mastery and the dual wielding of the warfare mastery to have a flexible fighter known as the Conqueror.


With a blend of skills within each mastery players will find familiar mixes of active and passive abilities that you’ve likely encountered before in other action RPG although there is the occasional fresh idea as well. Importantly between all of the mastery options you’ll absolutely be able to find a style that works for you and may even tempt you to playthrough Titan Quest multiple times to experience them all.

From this point onwards you’ll find further character power level delivered by completing quests and obtaining items that are ideal for your character build. Whether it is the legendary item sets that require some serious gameplay to collect or individual pieces across head, torso, arm, leg, amulets and rings the wealth of items in Titan Quest rivals that of other RPG franchises. Primarily providing armour, statistics (STR, DEX, INT) and boosts to skills items it can be a long but rewarding hunt for the perfect item.


  • Experience an action role playing game with a historical and fantasy theme.
  • Battle against countless foes as you seek to reimprison the Titans for the sake of humanity.
  • Choose from 8 masteries (base game) as you mix two together to create a unique class.
  • Obtain legendary item sets and individual items to buff your statistics and skill levels.
  • A classic action RPG first released in 2006 and reborn with an anniversary edition.



Review Platform: PC

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