Titanfall 2

  • Refined weapons and Titans provide a diverse roster of combat options
  • Addition of single player campaign which was lacking in the original
  • Short single player story that relies on players to spend time in multiplayer for money value
  • Some multiplayer balance issues from titans and lack of server support shifting the community to third party options like NorthStar

Revisiting the Titanfall universe with Titanfall 2 players can experience the game in both single player and multiplayer as they once again command a massive mech on the field of battle. Serving as a sequel to the original challenge players will find a familiar setting for the mecha style exoskeleton war that your pilots are fighting in with a range of new scientific advancements giving you new and familiar upgraded tools on the battlefield.


For this adventure Titanfall 2 is set in a region of space far from the core planet systems that Earth belongs to and into the future timeline of the human race in general. In this region known as the The Frontier war has broken out between the IMC who wants control over the mineral resources in the region and the Frontier Militia that want their independence of the IMC to create a familiar story of struggle between forces.

In single player your campaign role will be that of Jack Cooper, a rifleman in the Militia who seeks to become a Titan Pilot for the prestige it offers and the potential to defend his own values. This goal also becomes personal after your own mentor is killed in combat which leaves his titan (BT-7274) available for the player to take control over as they push back against the IMC who is looking to control a superweapon to stop the war.


Titanfall 2 adopts similar gameplay fundamentals to that of the original Titanfall adventure with players engaging in first person shooting mechanics that are paired with powerful Titan mechs that give pilots a range of enhanced abilities. While these titans are large hulking machines the pilots serve on the other side of the spectrum and can be incredibly mobile with the ability to run along walls, perform massive double jumps and other parkour abilities. Working together these two diverse combat styles ensures that there is almost two game modes at work in a battlefield with players swapping between them both depending on how titans are used in the specific single player campaign sequence or multiplayer game mode.

Building on the original Titanfall there are a number of new mechanics at play while not inside a Titan with the abilities to reveal enemy locations, holographic duplicates and a grappling hook to quickly move around terrain. In turn with these gadgets an array of the usual weapons displayed in shooters are also available with a selection of shotguns, machine guns, pistols and explosive grenades that provide ample choice to combat other pilots or their titans.


Titans on the other hand are slow and less agile given their size but pack significantly more firepower with their weapon platforms. This time around there are seven new Titan designs that have their own speciality on the battlefield such as long range attacks, flying abilities, miniguns and other unique variants that can impact the battlefield. Just like the first Titanfall few games can compare the feeling of jumping into a powerful mech in the various multiplayer game modes as you use it to lead your team to victory and counter other Titans on the field at that time.


  • A sequel Titan based adventure that expands on the world and combat of the franchise.
  • New single player campaign to experience that explores the struggles of a militia force against the forceful IMC.
  • 7 unique and deadly Titans with their own strengths to take into combat.
  • Large range of multiplayer modes to battle through that each provide their own objective targets.
  • For PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows.



Review Platform: PC

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