Torchlight 2

  • Great casual hack and slash experience - Affordable price - Demo available!
  • Gameplay repetition

Torchlight 2 is a Diablo inspired action role playing game developed by Runic Games. The game was released for digital purchase in September 2012 with a playable demo also available so you can easily try before you buy.


The game is packed full of fun and unique features with plenty of innovation providing a new experience within the action RPG genre. Torchlight 2 offers four different classes, a single player campaign, multiplayer, crafting, gems, fishing, pets and much more.

Torchlight 2 has a wide variety of areas for players to explore which offer quests to complete and dungeons to explore, all while gaining experience and collecting loot to increase your characters power. The game also mixes in day/night cycles and weather to create a very realistic game world.

The four classes available to the player all offer something unique and add small touches to move away from the standard archetypes that have been done time and time again in other action role playing games.


Players can choose to play as the Engineer, Outlander, Berserker or Embermage and then team up with your very own pet that lets you sell your unwanted loot drops without the need to stop fighting.

Moving to the multiplayer environment, Torchlight 2 can support up to 6 players at any time with individual drops for each player (no more fighting over loot). The game is perfect for groups of friends looking to get some casual hack and slash gameplay and love the hunt for loot.


  • Casual hack and slash action.
  • Plenty of content for the price.
  • Experience the game solo or play with friends.
  • Four unique classes to try.
  • Great loot system, pets, crafting and fishing!



Review Platform: PC

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  1. Ah yes. There has been many, many hack n’ slash games over the years, the vast majority of them was kinda bad though. This one is a complete opposite of that, or at least has a very genuine chance of being that.


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