Total Domination

  • Social – Ranking system – Large research trees
  • Some UI elements are poorly designed

Any fan of online strategy games knows that they are an overdone genre with plenty of weak games all around the web. The science fiction setting is particularly lacking with all the best games using a historical or medieval setting. Total Domination might just change that, promising a great sci-fi themed game with plenty of strategy to explore.


Total Domination focuses on a futuristic setting which revolves around the threat of nuclear war. The game world was once home to a large and powerful empire that was eventually ripped apart by war and now has thousands of tiny factions fighting for control. The story in Total Domination is fairly simple and is what you would expect from a game in this genre. Your role in this broken world is to create a new empire by allying or destroying as many rival factions as possible. This objective is facilitated through the in game clan system which allows you to link up with other players with ease.

Your time in Total Domination will be split fairly equally between the two core mechanics of building and fighting. You’ll be taken through a brief tutorial on both of these aspects when you start a new account and you’ll even get some voice acting to go along with it which definitely adds some production value to the game as a whole.

Buildings can fall into one of several categories which helps players easily identify their purpose. This includes defensive, military, resources and command with enough depth within each category that you aren’t always just spamming the same building over and over.


Combat features a similar level of depth with a variety of different unit types available which play a vital role in your success during raids or invasions. Total Domination also features one of the longest protection times with players up to level 9 being safe from any attack so you won’t find yourself being overrun until you’ve mastered the basics.

Total Domination is one of the better sci-fi orientated MMORTS games out there and with a robust clan and ranking system you’ll always have something to strive for.


  • Battle for control over a futuristic world devastated by war.
  • Build up your base and balance your armies strengths and weaknesses.
  • Join a clan and fight for dominance together.
  • Fight your way up the rankings (individual and clan).
  • Lots of research available to create your own strategies.



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