• Good challenge/reward balance – Varied environments and hazards
  • Not enough mechanic variety – Not the prettiest game around

For gamers that love a difficult roguelike platformer they’ll find TowerClimb to be one such adventure. Playing like a reverse Spelunky players are challenged to climb a procedurally generated tower that is filled with dangers to navigate.


This tower is of unknown ancient origin and reaches far into the heavens which seemingly calls you to climbing its insides. This fantasy tower is different each time which ensures plenty of replay opportunity as you push through the challenges that are thrown at you to reach the peak. TowerClimb will screenshot each of these deaths to ensure you never forget those that attempted it before you.

Relying on a mixture of quick reactions, skill and a bit of luck in the resources you find gameplay in TowerClimb will force you to quickly react to your surroundings while also keeping your eye on the big picture. With over a dozen different areas to conquer that each offer their own hazards the adventure is long and varied.

From the early ground floor levels that feature the likes of rising lava and floating beehives to the hatchery that a range of vermin to the icy wasteland ruins each of these settings is enjoyable and challenging in their own way.

Players control their small human character using the arrow keys, left and right for movement and wall grips while up and down control your movement along said walls. Players can also jump, activate and activate items with their respective keys although the game does feel much more at home with a console setup if you have one available.


In order to assist your ascension players can find or purchase a number of items. The most common of these are the potions and berries which grant you extra jumps, explosive blasts revives or serve as the in game currency. Other items include spring boards, climbing tools to boost your speed, simple weapons to fend off attacks and plenty of other miscellaneous items.

TowerClimb can be a little tough to break into and graphically isn’t the strongest game but those that stick with it will find an enjoyable challenge.


  • Climb the mighty tower one floor at a time.
  • Enjoy over a dozen varied environments with unique hazards.
  • Use magical potions and find items to help your adventure.
  • Each game is unique thanks to a procedural game world.
  • Play alone or with local co-op.



Review Platform: PC

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