Toys vs Nightmares

  • Difficulty level ramps up quickly which is perfect for the experienced player to get into the action
  • Toy and enemy types are diverse and interesting with a number of immunities to overcome
  • Requires external add-ons and browser extensions to play as Flash has been fully retired by modern browsers
  • The added mechanic of actively clicking to generate the fantasy resource is annoying to utilise

Toys vs Nightmares draws heavy inspiration from the Plants vs Zombies franchise and provides a fun similar game experience that will please fans of this strategy tower defence focused sub genre. Toys vs Nightmares can be played in your browser for free and was developed by Xplored in 2011 releasing the game across the major web Flash game websites. With the retirement of Flash in browsers players looking play Toys vs Nightmares will need to rely on additional browser plugins to reactivate Flash functionality.


Like Plants vs Zombies your fundamental experience revolves around battles between toys and nightmares. As a young child relying on their toys to protect their dreams from scary nightmares you’ll call upon a range of everyday children toys to fend off ghosts, vampires, witches and other horror themed creatures.

The foundation of your Toys vs Nightmares strategy is the book which generates fantasy currency which can be spent on bringing other toys to life to defend yourself with the option to increase production by actively clicking on placed books. Like any strategy title using the wide variety of toys from your toy box together as part of your grand strategy is key to overall success and particularly so in Toys vs Nightmares given that some enemies have complete immunity to certain toys.


Toys available include a toy robot that shoots at enemies in a straight line, a slimy frog that slows monsters down as they approach, blocks to serve as a durable frontline to blocking movement, an alien capable of shooting adjacent rows, a dinosaur that can swallow a monster whole, catapults for anti-air units, plastic soldiers that are powerhouse DPS units shooting three bullets, miners capable of lighting up ghosts, toy cars that eliminate an entire row of monsters amongst many others.

It’s clear from the above that there is no shortage of strategic options in Toys vs Nightmares and the unique theme makes it an intriguing experience as you earn coins for level experience and unlock your next powerful toy or unlock additional slots to bring more toy units into individual levels. These extra units will definitely be needed as well with Toys vs Nightmares not shy at ramping up the difficulty either, while the early levels will be a walk in the park for strategy fans you’ll quickly find yourself having to reassess your game plan as immunities become common requiring you to adjust your default strategy and not relying heavily on a single toy.


Overall it is easy to forget that Toys vs Nightmares is actually a free to play game and that it can all be experienced within your browser given the amount of content and the variety of toy design that opens up strategic options.


  • Create an army from your toy box and battle your nightmares.
  • Lots of levels to explore that require different strategies to overcome.
  • Great variety of units and enemies with immunities to consider.
  • Ramps up the difficulty quickly for a real challenge for strategy fans.
  • Play for free in your browser on a number of Flash game websites.



Review Platform: Browser

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