Train Fever

  • Great attention to detail – Large scale game
  • Limited in game tutorials require you to learn outside the game – Some tedious micromanagement and UI

Have you caught Train Fever? Explore this business simulation adventure which challenges you to build a large scale transport empire across several towns. Using trains and buses you’ll get to craft the service lines and build around the terrain to meet your financial needs.


Born from a crowdfunding campaign Train Fever was released in late 2014 and has since received a number of tweaks and further developments, which are likely to continue into the future.

Gameplay is entirely single player based with around 20 hours of gameplay in an individual game which are hosted on randomly generated maps. Players have some control over this random generation with levers for map size, terrain, difficultly and starting period. This period setting expands from 1850 to 2050 and is locked from modification until players reach milestone years during their first game.

This approach to explore transport from the dawn of 1850 and spanning 200 years gives players plenty of upgrades along the way as they go from basic horse and cart to advanced electric trains which are both fast and efficient. To achieve transport empire status you’ll have to use all these technologies available to you while designing profitable service lines for your buses and trains.

These service lines are the strongest element of Train Fever and allow players to easily craft separate routes for single or multiple vehicles to travel along. The UI behind these lines is also robust allowing players to easily analysis their most profitable routes and which vehicles are assigned to service it. This provides helpful information on what is and isn’t working and where to invest on better vehicles and upgrade the roads to raise the maximum travel speed that can be achieved.


Goods in Train Fever cover both people, commodities and general goods which players will need to move from various hubs to the towns of the game which can easily number a dozen on larger maps and will build up in size slowly throughout the games length.

While it lacks some of the depth and direction of similar games in this genre the attention to detail and tight focus of Train Fever is nothing short of fun.


  • Build your own transport empire in randomised game worlds.
  • Advance through the history of trains and bus transport.
  • Create efficient service lines and analyse them for more profit.
  • Simple to use train track building lets you build over and through terrain.
  • Crowdfunded game with active development years later.



Review Platform: PC

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