Tree World

  • Cute design – Many ways to unlock critters
  • Tedious menus

Collect more than 300 cute little critters and make a tree branch for them to call home in Tree World a game that challenges players to grow their tree far into the sky as you collect, trade, customise and even defeat the Gnome King.


Starting with a magical acorn and the guidance of a tree like spirit (Poppy) players begin their Tree World journey by growing the small acorn into a seedling and eventually a tree after a few taps of tree food. With your foundation started you’ll begin to grow the branches of your tree individually using the same tree food resource.

When a branch is fully grown players can welcome one of the 300 critters to make it their own. Each branch can hold several critters and can be further customised with a plant that grows on the tree such as mushrooms, vines, fruit and moss which are liked and disliked by the various critters.


In order to obtain new critters Tree World offers up a few options from either having your tree spirit play a summoning song to bring a random critter to your tree, purchasing them directly from the market for either tree food or vita gems (premium currency) or trading your neighbours for their critters. With over 300 to collect across limited, legendary, rare, uncommon and common ratings paired with the cute designs Tree World is a great collect and assign game.

These critters also tie into the generation of extra tree food and depending on their rarity and level will create at varying times, collected by simply tapping on the bubble above their head. Further depth is added regularly as your tree grows with extra features such as adventures at branch 20, critter capsule at 6 branches and the exchange at 10.


  • Collect over 300 cut critters.
  • Make ideal branch homes for your critters with dozens of plants.
  • Summon, buy and trade critters to get them all.
  • Unlock new game modes as your tree grows.
  • Add friends and visit their trees.



Review Platform: iOS

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