Tribal Wars 2

  • Tribes – Mobile apps – Large and friendly community
  • Slow paced gameplay – Tribe based gameplay won't appeal to players that prefer to run solo

Tribal Wars 2 builds on the long running MMORTS experience that has been online for over 10 years, for both new players and old the second addition to the Tribal Wars franchise has plenty of great strategic gameplay to enjoy.


Tribal Wars 2 uses a Middle Ages type setting similar to most games in the genre. The game follows a fairly standard formula with players starting with a small settlement and slowly growing through invading or creating alliances with other players.

Every player controls their village by visiting various buildings which control different aspects of their society. The headquarters for example is used for all building construction while the barracks or other military buildings control troop creation.

As the name of the game suggests the game is all about tribes. These tribes are groups of players that have banded together for protection and in order to co-ordinate attacks. Tribes can set diplomacy with other tribes and also access their own private message board to make communication easy. Tribes can come with a variety of restrictions based on the server with most having hundreds of members.

These tribes play an important role in the victory conditions of Tribal Wars 2 which includes eliminating all opponents, holding a certain percentage of the game world or controlling certain special areas for a particular amount of time.


Combat is fairly typical for the genre with players sending out troops to other villagers with the result being based on the combined attributes of your troops, their morale level and some chance elements. Victory will give you some spoils of war and decrease the loyalty of the city you attacked and when this loyalty reaches zero the attacking player can seize control of it.

Having survived over a decade in an extremely competitive genre the survival of Tribal Wars 2 speaks for itself in terms of the games quality.


  • Builds on one of the longest running games in the genre.
  • Impressive graphics add plenty of life to the game.
  • Huge community.
  • Plenty of strategic choice.
  • Free to play.



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  1. 3 years have gone since this games release. During this time, the game have more or less been utterly destroyed by Innogames. The devs refuse any type of contact with its players. Suggestions, ideas or cristics is not listened to. Devs never release any form of strategy or toughts about this game. Players have been posting suggestions and ideas on its forums for 3 years, but yet the devs makes updates that is the complete opposite of players request. Best players strategy after last update is now to trade villages within its tribe and avoid making enemies. It can hardly be called a war game any more. After several unlogical updates, Tribal Wars have now lost from 90-95% of its playerbase. Its a dying game and a prime example of how badly a game can be dealt with by its devs.

    The only advice i can give is STAY AWAY from this game and Innogames.

  2. You really should also score or at LEAST mention the one of the biggest CONs that these games tend to have. I played TW 1 for a couple years, then 2 came out and tried it only to find it was pay to win. awhile later I decided to go to TW 1 since I depise pay to win style games only to find that they had incorperated a lot of the same features that made it pay to win into TW 1. I was mortified and have never returned.


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