Triple Town

  • Simple to learn mechanic that still offers plenty of strategic depth to explore
  • Fantastic and cute graphical styling which holds true across the range of platforms
  • Paid versions of Triple Town don't remove enough of the freemium grind to warrant purchase price

Triple Town challenges your brain with a puzzle experience of unique design that still manages to find that sweet spot where it is easy to learn but difficult to master. Ultimately your goal is to create a dream city with careful movement of objects around the game board with a blend of puzzle matching gameplay and elements of city building. While not the first to adopt this style of play Triple Town is often credited as being the first impressive player in the market and propelling the genre forward with its high production values and impressive design.


Like other games that are available on a wide range of platforms Triple Town uses a dual pricing approach offering the game for free on certain devices (such as iOS mobile) with a paid variant with fundamentally the same gameplay although all extra features unlocked on Windows and Mac.

Regardless of your selected platform Triple Town gameplay is split across hundreds of game maps that each have their own styles and layout to master. Within each your challenge is to design a fantastic large town on behalf of the Empire with the grander the town providing you higher points which is where competition with other players or yourself comes into play.


Your mechanic to achieve this challenge has match three gameplay roots with players combining objects together of the same type in groups of 3 or more. Unlike the traditional match three gameplay though these objects aren’t removed entirely from play and instead will tier up to a more impressive item where the cycle can repeat itself again and again. At the basic level this functions to turn 3 pieces of grass into a bush, then trees and eventually basic huts before continuing the transformation all the way up to a castle.

Keen puzzlers will see the dilemma as part of this design though in that you can quickly run out of space on the 6 by 6 grid gameboard if you aren’t carefully considering what tiers of objects you have, their position on the game board and your future moves. These moves themselves require the player to place a lower tier object onto an appropriate space which is where your strategic control exists.


As if that wasn’t already hard enough the game will also throw bears at you which will block off your ability to match tiles of the same type, although if you are able to corner them they’ll turn into a tombstone which can be upgraded into a church eventually but does give you another separate path of object tiers to manage.

The puzzle mechanic in Triple Town is simple but definitely falls into the hard to master category. While you won’t have much success in your early games,  you will slowly start to master the mechanics which is very rewarding when things start to fall into place.


  • A unique puzzle experience that blends match three puzzles with logical puzzle design.
  • Available across a wide range of platforms with a mixture of free and paid options.
  • Encompasses a ‘hard to master’ but easy to learn design.
  • Challenge yourself and others with high scores within each level.
  • Build fantastic city designs while matching objects and avoiding bears.



Review Platform: PC

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