Twin Saga

  • Class freedom – Portable housing
  • Heavy use of cut-scenes not for everyone

Joining the ranks of other anime style MMO titles is Twin Saga a game with impressively colourful visuals, transportable player houses and a free class system that lets you swap between characters as you please.


Travelling across the charming game world that has been split in two by the warring factions of the game players will customise their own avatar and then embark on a number of quests across the lands.

While avatar customisation is fairly straight forward players can enjoy 10 different game classes that blend together the traditional archetypes. Options include the swordmaster, mage, rogue, monk, gunslinger, cleric, paladin, berserker, hunter, occultist, dragonknight and gunner. Each comes armed with their own set of skills, ultimate moves, specialisations (passives) and primary stat boosts.

Additionally each class has their own special combos which can help improve damage output or provide additional effects such as the swordmaster who can use their fulmination skill after a leap strike for AOE damage and small boost to attack power.


Outside of the combat Twin Saga has all the MMO support systems you would expect to see with the likes of crafting, fishing, gathering and farming which all are linked to each other. The most impressive and unique feature on offer though is hidden in the player housing, known as the Terracottage. This cottage serves as the players own portable home base while housing stations for crafting and food growing.

While similar to other anime themed titles that are out there Twin Saga does separate itself with the above mentioned housing and the use of cut-scenes to establish the story early, although they can tend to drag on when you’d rather get into the action.


  • Beautiful anime themed MMO.
  • Enjoy portable player housing.
  • Switch between classes depending on the current situation.
  • Craft, gather, fish and harvest resources.
  • Free to play on Windows.



Review Platform: PC

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