Twisted Metal

  • 4 player split screen – Massive destruction
  • Controls don't feel natural – Lacks online community due to age

Offering intense vehicle combat is Twisted Metal (PS3) which reboots the Twisted Metal franchise that first launched on the PS2. Twisted Metal features both a story campaign and multiplayer combat (4 player split screen and 16 player online).


Just like the first game central to your story is the Twisted Metal competition run by Calypso, a man who has been sent back to Earth from Hell with the ability to grant wishes provided he hosts the tournament and collects the souls of the demolition drivers. Playing as 3 such drivers (Sweet Teeth, Daniel Grimm and Doll Face) during the campaign story arcs you’ll quest for your own wish. Each arc ends with boss battle while also increasing the difficultly and introducing new challenges along the way.

Each of these story arcs and online gameplay revolves heavily around intense vehicle combat that has you ramming and shooting at the equally well armoured cars of other factions or players. To achieve this you’ve got 17 unique vehicles at your disposal with varying weapons and degrees of speed to suit your intended game style. These vehicle based weapons are also extremely deadly against the surrounding environment.


Twisted Metal is more than just pointing your car at enemy and firing though with some strategy around the likes of power ups that will litter the map and need to be factored in. Some of the more unique special abilities on cars also require careful forethought for maximum impact. Expect to see things like missiles, mines, sniper rifles, freezing attacks and even the odd defensive option like shields thrown into the mix.

The only downside of Twisted Metal lies within the controls that will take you a while to master and the shortish feel of the campaign which can be knocked off in less than a day. With the online community long gone for this game that means you’ll miss out on a chunk of the intended play time unless you can find some friends to join you.


  • 3 explosive story arcs to experience.
  • Over a dozen cars with their own destructive abilities.
  • Play in 4 player split screen or 16 player online.
  • Use power ups to your advantage and turn the tide in your favour.
  • For PlayStation 3.



Review Platform: PS3

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