• Unique blend of word, puzzle and platform for which there is no comparison
  • Price to length ratio with diligent word players able to finish the game in a few hours

Launched as a Wii U exclusive title and eventually brought to a range of other video game platforms (including mobile devices) Typoman offers up a dark aesthetic with a unique focus on spelt words as puzzle mechanics and to provide information to the player. With this unique setting comes a number of challenging puzzles that will require players to alter their thought process compared to similar puzzle platformers.


Typoman starts with players as a simple O shape and then rolling down the hill to form a human like shape from other letters that they collect as they fall. From here you’ll start to pick up the various game mechanics which are all linked to words that will serve you throughout your Typoman journey. Like any good puzzle adventure these will also constantly evolve to stress your lessons learned so far and combine them together in unique ways across the several hour long challenge.

These game mechanics include picking up letters and moving them to spell words (such as ON to activate a platform), following instructions from the environment (such as GRAB instructing the player to grab onto ropes and swing across) and crafting words such as TURN to activate a switch that can’t be reached otherwise. Towards the final chapter you’ll see the difficultly really ramp up in particular with multiple letters not being required for your solution to confuse players and pushing the game more towards a word challenge game than a platform one.


While letters can be pulled or carried to serve as a quick alternative platform Typoman makes crafting words easy by bringing up a word box of all letters touching each other, allowing you to craft the words you require rather than dropping letters next to each other in a fiddly manner. It’s these little nice mechanical designs that ensure Typoman remains engaging and accessible from start to finish.

Building on these early foundations Typoman provides an interesting challenge and combined with the quotes scattered around the barren landscape makes it feel like a uniquely word based surreal puzzle title. Death comes particularly easy in this harsh environment though with the likes of doom monsters (made out of words) chasing you and spikes of letter As being the common means of your demise.


The shifts and balance between word, platform and puzzle mechanics is highly addicting and serves Typoman well throughout. If your wordsmith skills are on the weaker side though or you don’t care for them you’ll be better entertained from other titles in this expansive genre.


  • Spell words to interact with the environment as you push through a surreal world of words.
  • Avoid spikes and monsters as you journey through several chapters with puzzle platform mechanics.
  • Change the environment by spelling words from the game world.
  • Discover quotes in hidden areas of the game word for the exploration focused player.
  • Originally for Wii-U and now available on all major platforms including mobile.



Review Platform: PC

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