Ultimate Chicken Horse

  • Great party game experience – Tight platforming – Great range of maps and traps
  • No true single player

Ultimate Chicken Horse lies firmly in the co-operative genre but offers a unique experience that sees you attempting to stop your friends from reaching the finish but also finding a balance that allows you to still reach the goal flag.


As a party platformer Ultimate Chicken Horse requires players to wall jump and dodge traps with your unique animal avatar. As already eluded to your objective is to go from the start of the map to the end (marked by a flag) and beating your friends to the mark.

While a simple objective on the outside this is made anything but simple due to the number of obstacles and traps that litter the map and can be deadly to players. Should you reach the end point you’ll earn points with bonuses for being the first player, making comebacks, killing a player with one of your placed trapped or collecting a coin on the game map.

Where the complexity and real fun of Ultimate Chicken Horse lies is between earning points the map gets more complex with new traps and obstacles to overcome. Additionally when playing players themselves get to add a single item to the map, which creates plenty of complexity. With players having to move through the same obstacles its a fine balance of difficultly and playing to your strengths. There are well over two dozen options which are thrown randomly at players so variety isn’t low by any means and each item can always be used in different ways.


As you can imagine this makes for a very different experience depending on the number of players (2-4 supported local and online). While there isn’t a true single player experience a free to play build mode helps you come to grip with the mechanics and master running through an obstacle course of death.

For groups or solo players that love a good competitive platform game Ultimate Chicken Horse delivers countless hours of challenge and fun.


  • Local and online multiplayer for 2-4 players.
  • Free play mode to master the mechanics and test deadly combos.
  • Compete for points and be the first to finish the course.
  • Add difficultly after each point is earned.
  • Play across Windows, Mac and Linux.



Review Platform: PC

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