Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

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  • Excellent attack focused fighting
  • Ultimate edition should have been the base game

Launching as Marvel vs Capcom 3 and receiving an ultimate edition within the same year to add characters, stages and gameplay tweaks. Marking the fifth game it is also the first to integrate 3D character models into the game over the traditional 2D sprites.


Modes are what you’ve come to expect from a fighting game with a mix of online and offline modes to satisfy your fighting desire. On the one hand you have Arcade mode where you’ll fight the AI in order to reach the final boss character. Depending on your selected character you’ll receive a unique ending sequence although these are fairly simple in design and not worth hunting unless you are a massive completionist.

Other modes on offer include versus for the local fights, training to master your favourite character while adjusting the inputs and mission mode for specific challenges. Stepping into the online realm is also an option which is supported with the likes of leaderboards for you to rank up although lacks a spectator mode that would go well with the 8 player lobbies that support a king of the hill style game.

Just like over fighting games players will find Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 to feature a healthy cast of characters with their own special attacks and styles. With all DLC and the Ultimate edition you’ll have a cast of 50 to choose from that are equally split between Marvel and Capcom. Newcomers to the series include the likes of Hawkeye, Ghost Rider, Strider and Phoenix Wright.


Each fight is a team based affair with 3 characters on each team that can switch out as necessary or call in a special move (assist). As damage is dealt and taken you’ll fill up your Hyper Combo Gauge which once activated can fire off special techniques. A new powerful mechanic called the X Factor, available once per each match you’ll see large increases in damage, speed and health regeneration and balanced based on your remaining fighters.

This time around it is even easier to achieve this unleashing of power with combat controls replaced with a simplified three button system based around light, medium and hard attacks. For newcomers that need even more simplified combat the alternative simple mode lets you launch complex attacks with less button presses.


  • An enhanced version of Marvel vs Capcom 3.
  • Command 50 characters with their own moves and style.
  • Simplified controls in addition to an alternative simple mode.
  • Unleash devastating attacks with X Factor and Hyber Combo Gauge
  • 3D models for the first time in a Marvel vs. Capcom title.



Review Platform: PS3

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