Uncharted Waters Online

  • Naval battles – Large exploration driven world – Good community and economy
  • Not for casuals with a decent grind

Uncharted Waters Online is a sandbox focused MMORPG that is set in the great age of sea travel. Explore the world in a century gone by as you trade from Europe to Asia and beyond. With this player driven game world paired with large scale naval battles Uncharted Waters Online was carved out a niche in the MMO space.


Set in between the 16th and 18th centuries players can expect a game world that represents that fact, you won’t find high fantasy here but rather a semi realistic game world complete with swords, historical ships and basic firearms.

Uncharted Waters Online encourages players to explore their own path which can range from adventurer exploring all the lands of the world to merchanting your wares in every dock or instead fighting for one of the games causes. When all is said and done there are around 100 different skills that help different desired adventures in various ways.

Regardless of the approach that you take the sea is the prime motivator to playing Uncharted Waters Online. Not only is the ocean vast with many ports to dock at but also the available ships with a list well into the hundreds that is supported by plenty of historical accuracy in design. Players won’t only be seeing a small portion either with freedom a top priority within the game.


This freedom also extends to the player run economy with many of the game skills transferring over to production of items that are vital for player customisation be it food, ships, weapons or clothing. Uniquely a majority of the core cash shop items are also available for sale within the economy.

Uncharted Waters Online is one of the few MMO games around with impressive naval battles and paired with the freedom of exploration are the greatest game assets. It’s other elements are glaringly so-so though so it’s a game you’ll slowly be joining for the naval elements.


  • Large scale naval MMO with plenty of exploration.
  • Battle it out on the high seas.
  • Enjoy a great player economy with a number of production skills.
  • Packed game world with dungeons, realistic ships, ports and much more.
  • An older MMO game packed with fresh content.



Review Platform: PC

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