• Revives the classic ideas and provides a huge level of character depth to explore to offer a high level role playing game
  • Brilliant soundtrack and location design that helps build the post-apocalyptic atmosphere
  • Last game zone lacks the same level of enjoyment as the adventure to get there that leaves a sour finish
  • Some unfair mechanic designs and situations that force you down particular build paths to overcome

UnderRail is set deep within a post-apocalyptic setting and offers a massive amount of gameplay depth for players to explore as they master the wasteland environment. Playing as a turn based isometric game UnderRail also seeks to pay homage to the similar games of yesteryear and thus ideal for those seeking a nostalgic trip into a challenging wasteland.


Coming out of a 3 year Early Access status in 2015 the game takes place far into Earth’s future where the planet has become uninhabitable. Human settlements are few and far between with the majority finding shelter within the metro network where conflicting faction ideals struggle against each other for survival resources and ultimately supremacy.

Following the politics of this underground world UnderRail is centred around the fights over the most important of resources of food and liveable space that the survivors now fight over with ferocity. While there are also a number of background elements to the story the aforementioned fights are the fore front and where most of the gameplay also lies amongst some minor themes of how the nature of time impacts life. Your avatar for this adventure starts as a blank slate fighting as a new member of a station on the fringe of the UnderRail landscape. This provides plenty of room to customise your character for your preferred playstyle while also options to side with competing factions down the line.


With this avatar you’ll experience plenty of gameplay which is similar to the old school role playing games that combined isometric views and turn based combat. This is combined with heavy character customisation, great writing and plenty of freedom in how you approach the adventure ahead. The heart of this in Undertail is the classless system that ensures players pick the skills, abilities and equipment that suit your playstyle.

The base of this is your seven attributes of strength, dexterity, agility, constitution, perception, will and intelligence which boost their respective base ability scores. For example players will find that strengths improves melee damage and carry capacity while perception provides the potential to find hidden objects. Building on these are skills which provide offense, defence, subterfuge, technology, psi and social that give you the tools you need to survive the harsh UnderRail world. These also provide the primary customisation element with players able to specialise in skills like guns, melee weapons, stealth, hacking, pickpocketing, thought control and intimidation that each have a game role. Further customisation for your hero is available through level up feats (similar to Fallout perks) that provide passive benefits or active abilities.


Wealth of character customisation aside you’ll be primarily focused on completing the main story line quest that has you exploring the underground, encountering different factions and taking on various side quests. From junkyards, stations, caves and underground cities there is an abundance of locations with their own enemy types that broadly fall into humans, critters and robot foes. These foes also provide a primary method of acquiring items like currency, ammo, armour, consumables, weapons and tools that alongside your character statistics equips players for the tougher battles ahead.


  • Pays homage to the early Fallout games with a turn based game with large scale depth.
  • Great character customisation with robust skills, stats and abilities to explore to create your own specialist survivor.
  • Set in a dark post-apocalyptic metro where factions fight for diminishing key resources.
  • Plenty of story, dialogue, quests and NPCs to keep you busy with side quests and game lore.
  • Turn based combat that provides plenty of strategic challenge and decisions.



Review Platform: PC

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