Unlimited Ninja

  • Customise your own ninja team – Very social – Deep pet system
  • Some features are lacking – A little too much automation

Unlimited Ninja promises you a unique adventure as you create your own team of ninjas, summon beasts and choose your ninja path. All of this content is packed into a browser based experience that ensures it is accessible to all players.


This isn’t an adventure that you’ll have to experience by yourself either with a huge community of other ninjas behind the game there are always friends, opponents and ninja allies. With simple but surprisingly deep gameplay these friends play an important role in what is a very social game.

At the start of your ninja journey you’ll have to choose the fighting path that you want to define your ninja, be it Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Taijutsu. If you’ve watch Naruto in the past you’ll be familiar with some of the styles and the potential that each one has. Ninjutsu is undoubtedly the most popular of the three and the perfect path for newcomers that are lost with where to start.

In Unlimited Ninja though you’ll be doing more than growing just your main character though with a focus on building up a team of ninjas that complement each other in battle. You’ll slowly unlock new team members as you advance through the game and have plenty control over how they develop through skills and items to fit into your overall strategy.

This strategy can be broken down into a few key roles in your team from the tanking vanguard ninjas, the assaulters that you’ll use as your main damage source to the supportive ninjas that will buff, heal and even debuff from the backlines of your party. With all the different ninjas and beasts available you’ll spend lots of time mixing and matching your time to find something that works for you.


Outside of crafting your team you’ll find that most of the remaining gameplay is fairly automated and hands off which is unfortunate as there was definitely more room for interesting gameplay to be included in Unlimited Ninja.

Fans of Naruto will get a lot out of Unlimited Ninja and despite a few shortcomings it’s definitely worth playing.


  • Create a team of ninjas.
  • Three fighting styles for you to pursue.
  • Summon powerful pets to help your team in battle.
  • Connect with other ninjas to fight together or against each other.
  • Inspired by Naruto.



Review Platform: Browser

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