• Free to play – Great range of content – Solid community development
  • Community spread thin across customised servers and plugins

Focusing on zombie survival the free to play multiplayer game known as Unturned spent 3 years in Early Access before its final release on the Steam platform in July 2017. Since release the game has not only proved popular in its core gameplay but also the Arena mode which is similar to battle royale titles such as PUBG. In November 2020 the game was expanded to consoles with releases on PS4 and Xbox One as a paid experience.


Regardless of the game mode players opt for the same basic premise remains which sees players spawning into the game map with the need to scavenge the area for supplies in order to counteract the zombies that lie in wait. Be it weapons or other items you’ll need them all to survive against the hungry zombies that fill the towns, farmlands and industrial areas of the game map.

While in survival you’ll be able to team up with your friends and start with a few basic items the Arena game mode is pure multiplayer where players start with nothing with the objective to be the last player remaining. Arena mode is fantastic for shorter game experiences and the solo player but the depth and variety of choices shines more in the survival component of the game.


Said survival and core gameplay of Unturned feels aligned with the likes of Minecraft as players are able to forage for food, hunt animals for consumables, plant crops and even create vital shelters that will serve as your base of operations. Unlike Minecraft though Unturned supports two different playstyles with the ability for players to gear up and go in guns blazing or alternatively opt for a sneaking around towns to obtain the resources they need.

All of this combines with NPCs, quests, waves of zombie hordes, radioactive deadzones to explore and a range of vehicles that spawn land, air and sea.


  • Free to play zombie survival game for solo and multiplayer.
  • Battle Royale inspired Arena mode for pure PvP.
  • Sandbox environment with loot, weapons and vehicles.
  • Accept quests and trade with NPCs.
  • Play across Windows, Mac and Linux with later console releases on Xbox One and PS4.



Review Platform: PC

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