Urban Rivals

  • Fast paced game modes that take only minutes to complete with a small deck of cards
  • Huge range of cards with added clan mechanic to add extra variety to your strategy choices
  • Best cards are primarily available through paid packs
  • PC UI isn't at the same level as the core mobile version

Urban Rivals offers a unique trading card game that can be played in your browser or on your mobile device (iOS and Android). Designed to be fast paced players will enjoy stylish battles that will last only a few minutes but still deliver a great strategy experience at the same time as players tweak their decks through the unlocking of new collectible cards.


Urban Rivals like many titles before it seeks to remain casually approachable while retaining sufficient long term depth for the player base. This design particularly makes it ideal for the mobile game environment or players that are interested in the genre but not sure where to start. This is achieved by trimming down the deck sizes, offering a relatable game theme that takes away some of the unknown and offering a huge number of card variations to ensure long term variety.

Unlike other games in the trading card game (TCG) genre that require dozens of cards in a deck Urban Rivals requires only a minimum of 8 which as noted above dramatically decreases the learning curve that players will face. With this small deck minimum players will then hop into one of 6 different game modes that are designed to be completed in a maximum of 4 minutes with plenty of flashy fighting elements. With modes offering a mixture of freedom, AI and competitive options each player will find a home in the world of Urban Rival challenges.


Despite the low number of cards in an individual deck the number and quality of cards is expansive in Urban Rivals with over 2,500 options to find and utilise in your own strategy. Each card of course comes with their own stats and skills which evolve as you use them more in battle through the underlying experience system. Obtaining these cards is a mixture of normal gameplay in the case of normal cards (that come in common, uncommon and rare variants), leader cards that become available at certain levels, legendary cards from limited events, mythic cards that are linked to comic book lore of the franchise and collector cards that are no longer available within the core game although some opportunities to acquire them do arise.

In each battle for most modes players will draw 4 cards randomly from their deck which creates a 4v4 on battle between your human or AI opponent. By assigning your Pillz resources players will be able to apply multipliers to their units to try out attack the opponent’s cards and reduce their life points to 0 or aim to have the most life points remaining after the 4 rounds. In addition to multipliers players will also have to consider the individual strengths and weaknesses of each card based on their abilities, clan and other bonuses some of which change as each card levels up.


The clan bonuses in particular are central to longer term strategy optimisation with over 30 clans that each card belongs to which are suited to different playstyles and game modes. For example the Ulu Watu clan boosts power while the Piranas counter your opponents bonuses and Jungo each come with an additional 2 life.


  • A trading card game with a simple core game mechanic.
  • Play for free in your browser or on your mobile device.
  • Well-designed cards to collect and use in battle with fantastic visual designs and varied mechanics.
  • Regular events and tournaments keep things interesting and serve as a source for rarer card unlocks.
  • Over 2,500 different cards across 30 clans that each bring something different to your potential deck for the game modes.



Review Platform: iOS

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  1. Hey you do realize this came out in 2006 right I’ve been playing since 2008 this is an amazing game it has its flaws many of them honestly but still one of the most addictive and fun games around

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