Vega Conflict

  • PvE fleets – Combat – The little things (like ship communications in battle)
  • Currently lacks a strong end game component

Vega Conflict was developed by Kixeye and is a space based MMO that lets you capture the galaxy with strategy and cunning tactics.


Vega Conflict is as impressive as it comes in the MMO real time strategy genre with great visuals, amazingly fast load screens and plenty of vital small features that developers often overlook (voice acting, solid UI, upgrade paths, map movement, etc).

In the game you’ll start off with your own space base which will be placed near a random planet in the solar system. These planets act like island neighbourhoods and are where you’ll find your friends and enemies in the game world. There is no need to jump out and make enemies straight away though with the standard new player protection that most games in the genre have lasting for the usual week.

The game also allows you to return to a protected state when you take a huge beating so you won’t be able to farm endlessly off inactive or less active players which does prevent some of the abuse that is prevalent in other games of the genre.

Outside of PvP opportunities there is no shortage of PvE to experience with players able to attack fleets of traders that spawn out of certain areas every now and then. The levels of these fleets (and thus difficultly/loot) varies which makes it fairly enjoyable as you wait to see what spawns. Once engaged in combat players will face off with their fleet of ships against their enemy and direct individual ships accordingly.


As you can customise each ship in your fleet from a good variety of options there are multiple approaches to this combat from beefing up your defences and going in head first or trying to split up the enemy instead.

Vega Conflict is a whole new breed of MMORTS and well worth playing for fans of science fiction and the real time strategy genre.


  • A space MMO developed by Kixeye.
  • Impressive visuals for a browser based game.
  • Real time gameplay and combat.
  • Customise your fleet of ships.
  • Engage in PvP and PvE content.



Review Platform: iOS

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Written by
Samuel Franklin
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  1. Despite some of the positives there are even greater issues with Vega Conflict.

    Vega is heavily unbalanced when it comes to their flimsy bases even at maximum development when compared to their insanely powerful ships at the same level.
    Like many studios they tend to focus on short term revenue schemes rather then a longer term customer relationship.
    The game despite having thousands active at any time lacks an integrated method to address game issues.

    It’s not a horrible game, but it does need a higher level of commitment

  2. Vega Conflict is a very good game, it’s a lot of fun. The ships and weapons, and both pve and pvp are a lot of fun. The comment above is out of date, bases are not flimsy even at max development, just the opposite, they might even be a bit over-powered now with recent SICO missile additions. The support staff gets back to you pretty quick and there are sometimes game issues, but that’s true most games at one time or another.
    The problem I have with Vega Conflict is the player community. The game mechanics give NO CONSEQUENCES of any kind for a more developed player to hit repeatedly a lower level player. Some of the higher level players are very strong both as player AND with the tech they’ve gotten through events. A new player can’t hope to compete with that. So for a very long time the lower lvl player has to just try to advance in spite of many attacks. If the lower player has fleets lower than lvl 35, he can’t even try to hit back at the higher lvl players base or fleets, the game won’t allow an attack outside a difference of 5 lvls, so a lvl 29 fleet cannot attack a lvl 35 or higher base or fleet. But at base lvl and fleet lvl 35 anyone higher than that can attack you. So you finally get a lvl 35 fleet and the local total dick will come with his lvl 53 fleet full of all the toys from the events and smash you. If you complain about it they will smash you over and over, dozens, even hundreds of times. So you learn early on to just let the big players run rough over everyone else. The game attracts mean people, bullies, who lack any sense of fair play. They’ll attack lower lvl players often. There is no “good” to match the “evil” in the game. Anyone who tries to be “Good” is smashed but many, many bully types who like to hit small players. in other games like Eve online there are consequences for attacking lower lvl people in Empire. And in null sec a small group of very low lvl players can often take out a higher lvl player, just depends on the ships and the circumstances. Not so in Vega, there’s no criminal flagging for even hitting the same player 100 times. So if that’s the kind of thing you like by all means go there, you’ll love it. If you prefer a more balanced player community that isn’t 100% PVP whether you like it or not with no real way to protect yourself, then do like all my friends did, and leave the game. I’m not a care bear, I like to fight, just not when I’m lvl 35 and the bad guy is a lvl 50 and there is no hope of ever catching up. The game is unbalanced heavily toward the higher lvl players who are so bored… And there is really no moderation of game chat, they say there is but it’s very limited. At least that is what I saw.

  3. Ok, so to start off I totally agree with the fact that once a player hit lvl 30 he is screwed unless there aren’t bullies in the area. But I find that if you relocate and form a large alliance and move together you don’t get hit all that often. Vega Conflict is balanced with alliances so band together and stop playing with a defensive deminer. Hit some bases. Cause problems. HAVE FUN!!!!

  4. Vega Conflict…
    – Ultimate example of Pay to Win , and it’s ridicilously overpriced, without
    investment cap. Kixeye wants your money,all and now. period.
    – Intensive Power Creep (Which means that upcoming additions to the game
    always make the stuff you had to that point , outdated.(PaytoWins are able to have
    everything instantly, while it can take normal players moths to get “competitive” again.
    – Mega grind. You will spend most of your time farming resources,materials,
    blueprints, components for mark upgrading your ships, event technology and
    Very very bad time investment/actual fun ratio
    – Hilarious construction times, some ships and building upgrades take 2 weeks or
    more to be built.

    Aside from all of this, my greatest problem with this game is…….the so called
    Alliances (clan /guild), and the concept of player made “factions” (wich are groups
    of alliances). Not the possibility of forming groups with your friends of course, but
    the actual behaviour, that the game lets these kind of groups practice. Being
    allowed to organized(-ly?) oppress, bully,,dominate,practice power over other
    players/smaller alliances which shouldn’t be allowed, no matter how big the “PVP”
    label is.
    Actually , the game is somewhat pointless, even for a sandbox. The ” High
    Endgame” is these few bigger “Factions” measuring/harassing each other
    time to time. Practicing their delusional power over each other and of course, on
    the non-hardcore player, punishing everyone for even existing.

    The basic game wouldn’t be so bad. it seems promising at first, even for casual
    folks.The ships , the base , the costumizations are cool, it’s fun to unlock new stuff
    and get stronger….aaaaaand this is where the prolem begins (:, this is where the
    “time investment trap” sucks you in . You kill so much time in it before realizing
    what a huge bs the late game is overall , that it will be very hard to let it go.

    Toning down the PaytoWin, decimating the grind , valueing invested time/money
    MUCH MUUUCH more, and reforming (or actually creating) the casual experience
    would cure this game out of it’s nearly cancerous state.

    Borry mor fy sad Engrish.

  5. This game has become a harbor for bullies. I can no longer tolerate the bullying of lower tiered fleets by dumbed down higher tiered single ships. That’s not a battle, that is shooting fish in a barrel. I’ve told kixeye about it several times, even told them how to fix it, yet kixeye chooses to continue to encourage it. I am done. Over seven years and hundreds of dollars later, I am done. I can no longer recommend this game to anyone except for those who like to bully others or the odd person who enjoys being bullied.

    • This is only a game for bullies now because they have everything maxed out. New players just get bullied. Lots of money wasted.


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