• Liquid mechanics offer plenty of variety and offer something unique to the puzzle genre
  • Multiple solutions design for a number of puzzles provide a little more freedom to players
  • Some awkward animations that break the otherwise nice 2D/3D steampunk world design

Vessel is a puzzle game with steampunk elements that focuses on physic puzzles based around liquid and challenges players to overcome a diverse roster of challenges. The game was released in 2012 and has proven to be popular among puzzle fans and the media for its unique mechanics and simulation of fluids.


In Vessel players will be jumping into the shoes of M. Arkwright who is an inventor of Fluro which is also one of the core mechanics in your puzzle adventure. This Fluro was created in order to create liquid beings to perform labour tasks as they were shown to be more efficient than human beings at these tasks. Unfortunately Fluro did not perform as planned when introduced and caused the machinery in the world to malfunction which is the time period where players join the game.

It’s now up to players as the original inventor to set the world straight again by bringing the machinery back online piece by piece. In order to do so you’ll have to use the Fluro that caused the problem in the first place to help you perform tasks that they were intended for. During this journey players will master the power of Fluro through the important Seeds which enable control of liquid in the immediate area to utilise it for your needs.


Fluros can be made from all sorts of liquids and aren’t necessarily limited to water though with options to create them from even lava later in the game. Fluros are able to interact with many objects in Vessel from switches to levers and cogs which all play an important role in the puzzles. These creations of fluid cannot be controlled directly though and must be used based on their behaviour mechanics which can be learned and mastered.

Some Fluros for example are attracted to light and will run towards it which can be utilised by the player to their advantage with these unique abilities closely linked to the liquid used to create them. Being able to create a Fluro from any liquid is not necessarily a skill that players begin with though with upgrade to your equipment growing the range of liquids players can manipulate. Players themselves can also interact with similar in game objects, climb ladders or ride zip lines around certain levels which when combined with the various Fluros abilities will allow you to overcome specific puzzles.


Building on top of these great progression and puzzle elements is the idea that each puzzle in Vessel has more than one solution. This removes an important source of frustration in other puzzle games that rely on single solution designs which can often lead to frustration if you aren’t on the same brain wave as the developer.


  • Steampunk physics puzzle game that combines liquid manipulation with automation mechanics.
  • Focus on liquids with their own unique mechanics based on the liquid type creates a lot of variation to puzzles.
  • Upgrade your equipment over time to create new Fluro types to do your bidding.
  • Multiple solutions to most puzzles provides players many paths to the game end.
  • Explore a unique 2D/3D blended world of broken machinery and liquids.



Review Platform: PC

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