Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House

  • Number of improvements that build on the fundamental experience of the original Virtual Families title
  • Significantly enhanced house customisation that lets you build out every single room
  • Slow to progress compared to other life simulation games
  • Difficult to make progress in the free to play spin off mobile versions without paying for the game enhancing items

Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House is a continuation of the Virtual Families series of life simulation games developed by Last Day of Work. In this sequel you’ll find familiar gameplay to the original Virtual Families title with a focus on living out your dream life within your computer as you adopt a tiny person and their family.


Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House utilises a mixture of pay structures with the Windows and Mac version a paid product (with free demo available) in comparison to the mobile versions which are entirely free to play but require in app purchases to unlock some features and in game items.

Feature wise Virtual Families 2 stays close to the original as far as core gameplay with the focus on selecting a randomised person and guiding them through family, love and career aspirations. Randomised elements include age, gender, marriage status, current children, profession, level, salary, likes, dislikes and if they want kids which can dramatically alter the gameflow and the challenges you face. This also ties in closely to the 4 stat based system of happiness, health, food and energy which all have to be balanced and maintained as part of the core gameplay loop.


Mechanics such as real time (unique to all Last Day of Work games), trainable people, weather and dynamic illness all return from the original with enhancements. There are a wealth of new features on offer in the sequel though with a range of new renovation options per room, the ability to upgrade your virtual family with skills, extra randomised events to keep life interesting and pets along with new trophy and collectibles for achievement hunters.

There is no doubt that fans of the original will love the extra depth that the game offers, it’s also perfect for first time players though with no reason to play the original first considering how many improvements the second game has. The fact that you can get the game for free for your smartphone (iOS and Android) only sweetens the deal.


Just like real life the challenges in Virtual Families 2 are endless and the entire adventure does feel like you’re part of a real life environment. You’ll have to save money for house upgrades, battle illness, go shopping, try to maintain your career and balance all this with trying to enjoy life. The real time mechanics which Last Day of Work features across all of their games also adds a unique touch and sense of steady progress, albeit requires you to constantly touch base with your little people to make the most efficient progress and may seem slow in comparison to similar games.

Whether or not its your first time experiencing the Virtual Families franchise Virtual Families 2 with its expanded feature list and refinements makes it a perfect title to jump in and give the series a go.


  • Continues the Virtual Families adventure with a range of new features and refinements on old mechanics.
  • Adopt a tiny person and control their life as you mange their profession, likes and dislikes.
  • Build relationships, a family, career and customise every room in your home.
  • Runs in real time similar to other Last Day of Work titles which creates a slower methodical life simulation game.
  • Available for mobile devices (free to play) along with Windows and Mac (paid with demo available).



Review Platform: PC

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  1. This came is slow and has a very short shelf life. Good for a few days of play.

  2. This game has many generations and many new stuffs. Try it!! U might like it

  3. I have played better games

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