Virtual Families

  • Shape your family and house from a large number of options
  • Unique illness system provides a regular source of challenge and reactive gameplay to family crisis
  • Mixture of graphical styles result in a mixed and inconsistent visual offering
  • Real time elements result in a slower game experience which can result in running out of things to actively do

Virtual Families is a popular and unique life simulation game developed by Last Day of Work that allows players to take control of their own virtual family in a real time setting as they struggle with the challenges of daily living. Like other games from this developer the game is played in real time which means your simulated characters will be sleeping while you sleep, eat while you eat and live their lives alongside you.


While this does mean that gameplay is slowed down in comparison to other life simulation titles the success of the Last Day of Work titles has shown that with careful development this mechanic is more of an asset than a liability to the franchise.

In Virtual Families players manage their own virtual family simulation with a focus on adult life, family, career and house creation which gives your adventure a familiar feeling to other titles in the genre. These virtual characters are ‘adopted’ in Virtual Families from thousands of potential choices randomised combinations that can present their own benefits and challenges to enable ample replay potential. From here players will control every aspect of their families daily routine to their career path and even their partner that they will start the next generation with.


Virtual Families also mixes in a large number of random events to keep players on their toes and to better replicate the ups and downs that come with real life. These random events include illness, house repairs and other family emergencies which require careful planning (and mini-games) to overcome, adding that spice of life element. The most common feature that you’ll engage with is the dynamic illness system with your family presenting a range of systems that need to be identified and then cured.

Other features that add to the Virtual Families experience include a large number of trophies to earn (over 100) for achievement hunters, hidden puzzles to solve, a dynamic weather system and massive customisation options for both your simulated family and their virtual home to recreate your own life or invent something entirely different.


Virtual Families is also a multi-platform experience with the PC version and mobile variants offering the same fantastic life simulation experience for a single purchase price. This is in contrast to later games in the Virtual Families franchise which alternated to freemium offerings on mobile devices with similar core gameplay mechanics.

If you are unsure about Virtual Families then the one hour trial from the official website is the perfect way to get some hands on experience with this simulation game before committing to the full price tag.


  • Experience a real time life simulation experience that mimics the day/night cycle of your system clock.
  • Unique puzzle focused illness system that will challenge you to play as doctor.
  • Demo available (1 hour of gameplay) through the official game website.
  • Play this life simulation title on mobile and Windows devices.
  • Adopt your own family from thousands of potential combinations with their own challenges and benefits.



Review Platform: PC

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