• Interesting core mechanic that challenges you to correctly overlap and position shapes accurately
  • Wide array of challenges using the core mechanics foundation so it holds your interest from start to end
  • Levels challenge curve is there but has spikes up and down randomly rather than a steady curve of challenge
  • Doesn't quite feel as good on the PC version with controls and general game design favouring mobile

Imagine a world in front of you where 1 plus 1 equals 0. This is exactly the equation that the world of VOI is built upon and one in turn you’ll have to master in order to overcome the puzzling game levels. From the same creators that brought you hocus players are in for a similar relaxing and minimalist brain teasing title on multiple platforms.


With nearly 100 creatively design levels, relaxing music, no time limit and a small access size VOI is highly accessible. While relaxing VOI is still built with some puzzle complexity with the primary mechanics revolving around altered perception, a mechanic that the developer explored in hocus previously. Presented completely through black and white visuals the core of VOI is for players to reproduce a given shape with an array of different smaller shapes.


These shapes range from basic squares, diamonds and triangles to more complex arrangements that mix shapes together in all sorts of artistic patterns. Like many titles in the puzzle genre this starts easy enough for the first dozen or so levels but VOI quickly builds on these base mechanics with the ability for shapes to overlap each other which is where the aforementioned formula comes into play. When using this overlap mechanic this changes the colour from white to black and back again depending on how many shapes are overlapping.

This means players will regularly have to fight against the 1 plus 1 rule equals 0 with two overlapping shapes resulting in a white colour (same as the background) and thus not counting towards your puzzle attempt. Understanding how to use this to your advantage in particular levels is key to success as you overlap certain parts of shapes for the desired effect. It’s a puzzle game of trial and error that will have you guessing until the final moment you slide that final piece in.


Regardless of your selected platform to experience the challenge of VOI puzzles you’ll find a consistent offering despite the price differences between your available options. With the relaxing setup combining with the black and white based puzzles VOI lands with an interesting balance of experience and a wealth of challenging black and white puzzles.


  • Basic black and white puzzle game that requires careful shape placement to beat.
  • On Windows, Mac and iOS.
  • Relaxing game music and aesthetic with minimalist presentation similar to hocus from the same developer.
  • Small access size and no internet connection required to play on mobile ensuring an accessible puzzle title.
  • Nearly 100 total puzzle game levels that provide ample challenge progression.



Review Platform: PC

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