Walking War Robots

  • Fantastic mech based battle design that stands above other robot/mech based titles
  • Good customisation to loadouts in particular weapons which allows you to create a unique mech
  • Has slowly begin to lean more towards microtransaction heavy experience which hurts free to play players with a significant grind for unlocks
  • While short matches are enjoyable slower mobile devices and connections hurt the ratio of gameplay to menu waiting

Walking War Robots lets you step into your own war machine on your mobile device or PC as you battle it out against other players in quick matches to earn prestige, currency and ultimately advance your mech abilities. Offering a wide range of robots for you to take into battle and a steadily growing community of robot drivers Walking War Robots is one of the few games offering this sort of gameplay particularly in the mobile space.


Matches take place on a variety of open maps in 6v6 domination battles where you’ll want to either focus on capturing map points or wiping out the entire enemy team to have free movement to the points. This keeps each engagement quite short (around 5 minutes on average) which of course is perfectly suited to the mobile environment and equally suitable to the PC environment.

Depending on the time of day though and your device strength you can definitely take up to a minute finding a match which hurts the ratio of gameplay to menu hoping on mobile significantly. The benefits of these short games does offset this somewhat though as players won’t get trapped in a one sided game for an excessive amount of time and additionally earn a steady stream of in game currency rewards. Despite this regular flow though there is still a grind to Walking War Robots and one that has been steadily increasing since original release while increasing the prevalence of microtransactions.


On the gameplay front things are fairly solid in Walking War Robots, while it will take some time to master the controls they are well designed with mobile in mind and give you enough tools to have some say in the result of combat (such as strafing, turning your head (and weapons) independently from your body or peeking in and out of the terrain). Walking War Robots also utilises a somewhat dynamic damage system that can have your individual body parts being damaged as you reach low health and impacting your play (such as crippling a leg) which for a free title is impressive to see.

Similar to other vehicle based combat video games players will manage their own robots in the hangar. Here you can house multiple robots with different layouts to give each game a different strategy depending on your mood. This could range from a fast robot focused on short ranged combat to slower more durable fighters relying on long ranged missiles instead. These options are left mostly up to the player who can take the basic robot models (over a dozen) and customise the two weapons attached to their liking and also upgrade them to more powerful variants.


For vehicle combat on a mobile device there isn’t an option that compares to Walking War Robots although some of the gloss is lost in the PC version where other alternatives are available with higher production values and more rewarding in game systems for progression.


  • Customise and upgrade your own robot and fight against other unique play mechs.
  • Battle it out in 6v6 domination style engagements with a focus on control.
  • Dynamic damage systems can cripple your legs or weapons during combat.
  • Simple controls that still offer depth to player engagements.
  • Free to play on mobile devices or through Steam.



Review Platform: iOS

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  1. To be honest, its a good idea, but the graphics make it look like an old xbox (The first one) game i used to play…

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