War Thunder

  • Massive array of vehicles across combined arms gameplay that draws from the historical and modern
  • Level of depth across damage mechanics and PvE/PvP game design
  • Continues to push the boundaries of free to play gaming as the game ages with economy design pushing players to premium features

War Thunder pushes the MMO space into an exciting direction with an impressive World War II centred offering that lets you take control of vehicles in large scale combat. With a free price tag, impressive visuals and plenty of gameplay depth War Thunder is a game that delivers diverse vehicle based combat to a large community of players. Originally released in 2013 War Thunder continues to evolve itself and release on modern hardware to ensure it stays relevant in the highly competitive multiplayer gaming arena across PC and console.


The core of this success is the varied gameplay across air, land and sea that combines vehicles from each of these specialties across the ages although leans heavily on World War II designs amongst the World War I and modern military options. Further variety comes through the large roster of countries represented with major factions of the United States, Russia, France, Japan, Germany and Britain alongside smaller army nations across the world. With historical and country accurate designs from the real world present day and past everyone will be able to discover a vehicle that suits their tastes or is from their country of origin from the growing library of 2,000 units.

While visuals definitely don’t make or break a game they add a lot to your War Thunder experience from the detailed aircraft, sea vehicles and tanks to the breathtaking scenery that you’ll fight over there is a high level of quality everywhere in the game to bring the diverse roster of vehicles available to life. Accessing and collecting all of these vehicles is the other half of the battle in War Thunder with account progression, events and paid currencies being your primary avenues to try everything that War Thunder lets you pilot on the battlefield.


Like the vehicles themselves your 100+ potential battlefields are equally varied alongside mode variations that further tweak your experience between arcade, realistic and simulator level gameplay. Prior to jumping into these multiplayer options players can also hone their skills on historical themed battles in single player or co-operative modes against the AI.

With this gameplay blend players have the choice between PvE and PvP with both having plenty of vehicle content. The solo missions, campaign, co-operative scenarios and mission editor round out the PvE side of gameplay in War Thunder and are the perfect places to hone your skills and master the precision necessary to control the war machines of World War II and other eras. Like most MMO games though it’s the PvP gameplay that offers the longevity to your experience and where many will progress to seek out ongoing challenges in the community.


Success in this long term adventure of War Thunder comes from a mixture of skill, crew training and upgrades that players will constantly develop as they play. There is definitely room for skilful pilots to take out stronger enemies although you need to be close enough to them which is handled through PvP matching and ensures a reasonable balance in most encounters. This ensures each match is a satisfying experience and prevents pay to win tendencies of other big MMO titles given the number of readily available units through this acquisition method.

Crew training and upgrade systems are extremely in depth in War Thunder and will slowly expand as you earn more experience and money to spend based on your actions out in the field. With options to upgrade various stats and load outs on your vehicles players can develop a setup that works for their preferred style of gameplay be it a heavy hitting vehicle or an agile recon unit for their team. The depth in War Thunder will keep you interested for hundreds of hours as you take out your enemies, learn a bit of history and create powerful World War II machines for your country and keep your progression across platform.


  • Lead a diverse vehicle roster across land, air and sea to achieve the objective in PvP or PvE.
  • Challenging PvP encounters with many difficulty settings and team objectives.
  • Diverse PvE content based on historical campaigns and solo missions.
  • Upgrade your war machines and associated crew to suit your playstyle on the battlefield.
  • A huge community behind the game with cross platform gameplay allowing you to take your progress with you.
  • Free to play title online for a decade that continues to reinvent itself.



Review Platform: PC

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