• Free – Randomised levels – Huge number of options to customise your warrior
  • Huge customisation leads to balancing issues

Warframe is a free shooter available for PC and the PlayStation 4. It’s co-operatively focused and uses a third person perspective, the game gained lots of traction after a 2013 release.


The game has a sci-fi twist with players talking control of a Tenno warrior who has come out of cryosleep after centuries. The world isn’t as they remember leaving it and now they find themselves at war on all sides (against three factions). As masterful warriors though this race has a few tricks up their sleeve that can help turn the tides of battle in their favour, this includes their powerful armour (known as Warframes) and other special abilities.

Gameplay is based around four player co-operative gameplay and has a similar fast paced focus to something like Borderland’s co-operative experience or Left 4 Dead. You’ve got plenty of room to customise your characters load out with abilities, stats and an array of weapons. In true gaming fashion you’ll level up for kills and missions that you complete to push your fighting skills further. You’ll also be earning credits for your actions to spend in the marketplace for gear upgrades. With options to swap your equipment between each game you don’t ever need to stick to a single combat path.

Warframe offers a range of movements to keep the game flowing forward at a good pace with players having the power to roll, sprint, slide and dodge enemy fire if they are quick enough. You’ll also be armed with a melee sword that makes you feel like some sort of space ninja as you dash around the map slicing your enemies into pieces.


The real gem in Warframe though is the randomised level layouts. By taking a page out of Diablo’s books you are guaranteed to always have a different map as Warframe links together prebuilt rooms.

Warfame combines many elements and they all come together perfectly to deliver an amazing shooter experience.


  • A free third person shooter.
  • Co-operatively focused experience.
  • Randomised layouts always keep the game fresh.
  • No shortage of customisation options to explore.
  • On PC and PlayStation 4.



Review Platform: PC

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