• Varied game mechanics – Great tutorial – Always something new
  • Some mechanics aren't given enough explanation

Wartune is a free to play game that you can play inside your browser. The game blends traditional RPG elements with a simple and easy to learn turn based combat system. Wartune was released in 2013 and is definitely not shy on game features and since its release has inspired many games like Wartune to be released.


Wartune plays out like most MMORPG experiences and has players questing around the game world and battling all sorts of monstrous creatures on their adventure. Players can also expect to encounter dungeons, crafting, city building, PvP and huge boss battles as they make their way through the Wartune universe.

In the game players can assume the role of one of three basic classes: Archer, Mage and Knight. These classes have skills that you would expect for their archetypes and don’t offer anything too imaginative outside other MMO role playing games.

The real impressive character feature lies within the Astral system which lets players collect stars and combine them together to create thousands of combinations. These stars boost your character in combat in a variety of ways and provide a huge amount of customisation beyond your standard skills and stats.


Some players might be turned off by the turn based combat but it is actually very fluent and not too far from other MMOs in terms of design. Wartune does also blend in some quick time events into its combat system which if used correctly and successfully can give you a serious edge in battle and really moves the combat into a more hands-on realm.

Every day that you login to Wartune you are guaranteed to find a new adventure with daily quests to reward active players and thousand player boss battles to participate in for some impressive rewards. The game strikes a great balance between casual and action gameplay that will appeal to a wide gaming audience.


  • Free to play browser game.
  • Choose your class and build them with stats, skills and customisable Astral Stars.
  • Turn based combat that also features quick time events.
  • Plenty of regular and daily quests for players to participate in.
  • PvP and huge boss battles give plenty of high level game content.



Review Platform: Browser

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  1. I played the game for two months, spending 200 dollars along the way. The game really turned me off with the fact that the designers make efforts to get me to waste the in-game currency that I bought.

    Three examples, 1) They will have a button saying I can upgrade a skill by spending XX Balens (the currency that must be purchased), and after pressing the button, I find out I am only buying another stone/crystal/etc., of which hundreds are needed. 2) They make fancy displays to show rewards for spending Balens, but they put extra conditions, listed at the top or bottom of the window in small print (e.g SPEND 1000 BALENS, GET THIS PRIZE … and at the botton they use small print to say I must spend 1000 balens on a single item). 3) I bought Good Luck Charms (4 dollars each), which say they improve clothing upgrading success to 100 percent, then I found out I can only use Good Luck Charm with clothes of the same level, meaning I would still need to spend money to buy and upgrade a 2nd set of clothes, defeating the purpose of Good Luck Charms.

  2. the strategy part of this game is GONE! hours and hours of clicking (for the free players), a little less for the cashers. game was recently sold and emphasis is really now on spending more (from my cashing friends).

    some really good people play, but the objective is clear…empty your wallet. it’s just not fun or competitive or even challenging anymore. Honestly, a group of us are looking for a new game.


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