What Remains of Edith Finch

  • Unique and varied gameplay across different family storylines that blends gaming and art
  • Limited gameplay mechanics with an adventure that can only be played once due to its design

What Remains of Edith Finch combines a number of strange stories about a single family together into an adventure game of art and mystery. From the same development team that brought you The Unfinished Swan as their debut title you’ll find a highly unique and humbling experience that will take players several hours to uncover.


Centre stage of the story in What Remains of Edith Finch is the 17 year old Edith Finch who is also the last surviving member of her family. Returning to her family home nearly a decade after a series of events led to the crumbling of the family tree players will uncover new information about the mysterious order of events. Told as a connected anthology of life the story is told through a number of unique ways and perspectives although primarily told via a group of vignettes although the accuracy of them is encouraged to be questioned.

Playing as Edith players explore the large mansion of the Finch where you’ll search for stories into the family history as both a collective and specific individual family members. As the last member of the Finch family left alive Edith hopes that it will answer questions of her existence and perhaps save her from the same fate. Based on the coast of Washington state, the Finch family has been referred to as the most unfortunate family and believed to be cursed as a result of their downfall.


With a whole family of stories waiting to be explored the gameplay of What Remains of Edith Finch is varied due to the unique personalities of each family member. One thing that remains consistent throughout the journey of each family member life is the first person gameplay and the ending of each story with the death of the family member. Each adventure has some minor differences though such as cut-scenes and even mini games so that each stands out as a unique story.

With each room serving as a memorial to the past each promises a new adventure into your family line. This exploration is told in a linear fashion as the story relies on a certain order of family members for the full effect. Players do have control within the house though as they explore the rooms and hidden crawlspaces that spread through the house all of which is narrated by Edith.


What Remains of Edith Finch stands alone outside normal genres with its fascinating story, varied gameplay and fantastic design that means that there are few adventures that compare to the unique journey that awaits you.


  • Explore the past lives of the Finch family with individual stories that end in the details of their demise.
  • Discover the rooms and secret passageways of the Finch mansion to uncover the truth.
  • Each family story involves different gameplay and elements unique to each family member.
  • First person adventure from the team behind the similarly mysterious The Unfinished Swan.
  • Play as Edith the only remaining family member of the Finch family.



Review Platform: PC

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