Wild Guns

  • 3 nations – Wild West theme – Easy to get started
  • Doesn't do anything special

Wild Guns brings the popular browser MMO strategy genre to the Wild West and is a great change of pace from the usual medieval focused games in the genre. The game is published by Gameforge and has been online since 2008.


When you create your account in Wild Guns you will be prompted to select one of the three nations in the game. These nations include Cowboys, Mexicans and Indians that have their own strengths and playstyles so be sure to choose wisely.

The cowboys who are defensive orientated, focus on extra resource gathering and can have the largest of all hideouts. While the Indians have an aggressive playstyle focused on fast movement and reducing the effectiveness of enemy hideouts, this comes at the trade of a lower defence rating though.

Finally the Mexicans offer the balanced choice to players and are great for new players to Wild Guns, they come with additional building queue options and the most effective ramparts to boost your defensive properties.

At the start of your adventure you will of course start with nothing and slowly build up your settlement by gathering the necessary resources and choosing your buildings and technological upgrades. These buildings and technologies have a great variety which lets you feel like your decisions have an impact on your development rather than just a build everything and upgrade anything style feeling that you might get from similar games.


Combat is one of the areas that Wild Guns really shines through because of the unique troops available to each faction that have a wide range of attributes. This creates more important choices for players to make about which units to use and how their overall military portfolio is shaped.

Wild Guns has a good amount of features and offers a solid experience and is definitely worth checking out if you are tired of all the medieval strategy MMO games.


  • Wild West setting is a nice change.
  • Different nations that have unique units.
  • Very accessible and easy to get started.
  • Quality gameplay with good variety of management tasks to perform.
  • Includes an artefact system for another level of strategy.


Review Platform: Browser

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