Wild Season

  • Decent storyline to follow
  • Clunky game design – Bugs

Wild Season is a Kickstarter born game title that intends to take the Harvest Moon formula and add its own spin on the life simulation genre. Available for Windows and Mac players will find Wild Season succeeds in some areas while falling in short in others.


Wild Season opens with players taking a break from the big city to purchase their own run down farm property. Taking the risk as either a male or female farmer players will clear the logs and boulders from their farm land while also taking part in other activities.

Featuring multiple tools players will need to use a mixture of them to successful sow the land, it can be a little tedious and slow to do correctly and something that becomes more boring as you clear more of the available farm land towards the mid-late game. This is compounded further by the high stamina requirements to perform these actions which quickly makes you feel like you’re making very little progress. With this poor key mechanic of the game unfortunately scars the rest of the experience.

What the rest of your adventure entails includes mining, fishing, cooking, animals, horse racing, festival, shopping for items, interacting with NPCs and generally following the story elements that Wild Season has to offer. These side activities feel better designed than the core farming experience although are still are not 100% polished.


Story elements do feel well thought out however and explores your struggle to uncover the reasons for the unwelcoming nature of the townsfolk and maybe even turn them to your side as the seasons change.

Wild Season falls short of offering a truly Harvest Moon experience due to weak design elements, bugs and general clunky design. The story however is fairly gripping and the primary reason you’ll want to play Wild Season, provided you can turn a blind eye to the issues.


  • Harvest Moon inspired title.
  • Story focused adventure as you battle an unhelpful community.
  • Farm, mine, cook and race horses.
  • Restore the run down farm property to create a new lifestyle.
  • Watch the seasons change and attend special festivals.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. This game is dead in the water. The creators have been requested for updates from baskets for the last year or more with no reply.


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