Wild Tribe

  • Unique breeding mechanic allows you to unlock animal themed tribe members for specific roles
  • Slow paced game that sometimes provides minimal guidance of your next step

Wild Tribe is a village management game where you’ll have to guide your little tribe of Wobblies through a dark future to a bright ending. These villagers known as Wobblies have lived peacefully for hundreds of years although the once plentiful food and water supplies are starting to diminish and the hyenas are beginning to circle. With the potential end of their village in sight players step into guide them through these troubling times and hopefully save the village entirely.


In order to achieve this goal Wild Tribe features many basic game mechanics that you would expect to see in a time management experience. This includes instructing your creatures to build structures and items, gather food, find water, improve their technology and other actions that allow you to manipulate the lives of your little Wobblies. Similar to Virtual Villagers the game is run in real-time so your tribe will continue to operate even when you leave the game (although it can be paused so it doesn’t progress without your influence if players wish).

While your influence over the world of Wild Tribes is important ultimately players want to find themselves with a self-sufficient tribe of Wobblies that will allow them to stave off potential disaster. Similar to other games in this space part of reaching that level is careful exploration and expansion of the tribe that unlocks new mechanics, efficiencies and protections to the island threats. This primarily revolves around building up stock piles of resources like food and water while developing specific villagers to take key roles in your tribe.


Your path to this point though is fairly open ended with the game really only ending once you’ve made all the possible discoveries (of which there are nearly two dozen across magical items and tools). The most unique mechanic of the Wild Tribe experience is the breeding element of the game that turns your basic Wobblies into various animals through an evolution. This includes elephants to gather water, zebras to become the doctors of your village, lions to defend your camp, gorillas to build things and giraffes to collect food. Within these roles your tribe members will advance across novice, skilled, expert and guru levels of proficiency that improve their ability to provide value to your tribe.

Not only does this create a unique mechanic in Wild Tribes it also provides the necessary visual indicator of the roles your villagers have taken on and what you might be short in. This breeding like many other elements in Wild Tribe is actioned through point and click where you’ll drag objects to interact with each other or use a keyboard shortcut instead that keeps the core mechanism both simple and accessible.


Overall Wild Tribe has some interesting mechanics at work but it does leave you with minimal direction at some points which does make it difficult for players not familiar with this sort of game to progress. Those that have played similar games before though will understand the sometimes abstract clues that hint towards your next area of interest.


  • Lead your tribe through dark times as you see them through the other side of survival.
  • Evolve your simple Wobblies into various animals that have different job roles and progress through four levels of proficiency.
  • Unlock 18 discoveries to complete the game which are magical and tool based discoveries to save your tribe.
  • Runs in real time with multiple speed options available to select your desired experience.
  • Available for Windows players only.



Review Platform: PC

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