Wildlife Camp

  • Incorporates exploration elements into an animal management game with 3 vehicles that add a unique layer to gameplay
  • Large collection of avatar customisation items and animal interaction items provides plenty of management game variety
  • Poorly aged graphics which detracts from the fantastic core gameplay design
  • Limited to only 10 African themed animals which feels shallow in comparison to other games

Start your own Wildlife Camp adventure with nearly a dozen different animals to interact with, care for and train within your own camp. Available for Windows and released back in 2010 Wildlife Camp offers a range of mechanics, cut animals and an expansive list of items for you to collect and use in this animal management game.


Revolving around the player discovering various animal species and nursing them back to health from their injuries or other illness Wildlife Camp is a game that slowly builds up. This is evident in the small number of animals (10 total) with the experience orientated more towards investing significant time in each animal rather than managing a camp of 100s of species as you might in similar animal games. Despite this the setting of the game in Africa ensures you’ll be caring for some of the most exotic animals on Earth with animals like lions, hippos, zebra, giraffe, monkeys and elephants available to players.

Unlocking these animals is not an easy task in Wildlife Camp though requiring significant exploration of the environment via helicopters, vehicles and even boats being used to explore the landscape and track down animals that might be in need and creates an interesting dynamic where Wildlife Camp is part animal care, part exploration of the African landscape. In addition customisation is a key aspect of the game with players given hundreds of clothing, accessory and hairstyles to customise their personal avatar alongside over 40 different items and tools to assist with taking care of animals.


With your animals located players will bring them back to their personal camp where you can examine them to determine their current health and understand if they have any injuries or illness that require immediate treatment (often they will). In order to bring them back to full health players will need to interact with them, clean them and give them specific medicine which ties into the 40 odd aforementioned items. Finally in order to prepare them for release back into the wild a dozen training methods allow you to teach them tricks or additional survival tools for the wild.

In order to perform all these tasks players must also be mindful of their camp which slowly expands overtime and needs to be carefully managed due to maximum numbers of animals that you can house at anytime. From this camp players can also accept the near endless mission adventures which often tie into random animal encounters encouraging players to try collect all 10 animals from these encounters.


Despite the small animal pool and 2010 release date showing its age the adventure of Wildlife Camp is still an attractive and unique  opportunity for animal lovers who want an end to end wildlife management experience from locating to caring and release.


  • Manage your own wildlife ranch in Africa as you collect the 10 available animals.
  • Rescue a variety of sick animals and bring them back to full health before releasing them entire the wild.
  • Customise your character with over 100 accessories, clothing and hairstyles (male or female).
  • Explore the African landscape using 3 vehicles (helicopter, boat and jeep) to find animals at random.
  • Use over 40 tools to collect and cure animals and utilise 12 training techniques.



Review Platform: PC

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