Wildlife Park 2

  • Tonnes of different animal species – Terraforming tools
  • Won't challenge tycoon veterans

Wildlife Park 2 is the second game in the popular business simulation game series and has a number of similarities to the Zoo Tycoon series.


Wildlife Park 2 was developed by Deep Silver for Windows and released in 2006 with two expansion packs being released in later years (Crazy Zoo and Marine World).

The game uses a powerful 3D engine that enables players to create their own wildlife park with a variety of exotic animals (over 100 with both expansion packs). The game has a large focus on business management but also has players creating beautiful (and desirable) habitats for their animals.

Players must split their time carefully between the finances and visitors to create a steady stream of income while also paying close attention to the happiness of animals and the availability of their preferred food (herbivore or carnivore). Successful management of these two core game aspects will let players build bigger animal enclosures and purchase more exciting animals to fill their park.

Wildlife Park 2 has obvious appeal to animal lovers and presents all animals in beautiful 3D graphics that helps to create a connection with every animal that you place in your park. And thanks to the near endless terraforming tools at your disposal you’ll be able to create equally amazing habitats for your animal friends to call home. Create the perfect enclosure with plants, waterfalls, ponds and other land transformations.


Once you’ve kept the animals happy you can shift your focus to getting as much money from your visitors as possible with places to eat, relax and pick up souvenirs.

If you enjoyed other building focused tycoon games like Roller Coaster Tycoon then Wildlife Park 2 is definitely a game worth trying.


  • Over 100 different species of animals to choose from.
  • Create amazing homes for your animals with terraforming tools.
  • Build the perfect park for animals and visitors.
  • Old game means you can find it for a bargain price!
  • Large amounts of content and options.



Review Platform: PC

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