• Unique – Atmosphere and engagement
  • Short for price – Will only place once

Windosill is a strange atmospheric puzzle game for your gaming device.


Launched online in 2011 and eventually transferred to iOS devices Windosill is a short puzzle game where players will have to guide your small wooden toy train through a number of surreal environments. While this might sound like a simple idea on the surface players will find that they’ll have to use a very out of the box thinking style to get through the 10 available levels.

For the most part nearly everything within each level can be interacted with either to reveal a surprise or form part of the puzzle itself. This encourages playful exploration as players interact with every item in the game world to see the outcome. This can range from things changing form, colour, making sounds, bouncing across the map and much more.

Your objective in each level is to collect a small white cube which is the key to the door in each room. With this cube you’ll be able to insert it into the lock and move onto the next strange game environment.


The levels themselves aren’t overly complex using logical puzzle patterns for the most part where one action leads to another. The real strength of the game is because of the way it hides these solutions in plain sight in a beautiful and engaging way.

For something different you can’t look past Windosill. It might not be the longest game out there but you can’t say it isn’t unique.


  • Complete 10 unique puzzle levels.
  • Play half the game for free.
  • Interact with the game world in ways you never considered.
  • Sights and sounds that will mystify you.
  • Play on your iOS device or computer.



Review Platform: PC

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Written by
Samuel Franklin
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