Wizard of OZ: Magic Match

  • High quality graphics and sound that bring the familiar Wizard of Oz theme to life
  • Good variety in levels and unlockable features ensure players have various goals
  • Levels become difficult without powerups too quickly that requires some grinding or payment to progress

Relive the popular adventure of Wizard of Oz in Zynga’s Wizard of OZ: Magic Match that borrows the theme of the popular film and brings it to your mobile device with a match three puzzle adventure. While its mostly the same experience as other match three puzzle titles the theme and setting wonderfully came together to add an extra element that most puzzle titles lack. It may not be a setting or genre combination that you ever thought would blend together but Wizard of OZ: Magic Match has made it happen.


Coming from a big company such as Zynga you know you’re in store for a detailed and high quality game which is apparent straight from the loading screen with nice graphics and great soundtrack putting you right into the shoes of the familiar story. Before you know it you’ll be thrown into Oz and meeting Glinda the Good Witch of the North showing you how to play the game just like the start of the film the game is based on. She is not the only familiar face though with Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion alongside locations like the Yellow Brick Road and Emerald City to explore.

Split into separate game levels each has players attempting to achieve a particular score within a limited number of moves while some levels will require you to collect a certain number of a particular tile. These objectives swap often enough to prevent the game from becoming a chore and has a similar level of variety to other games in this mobile genre. On top of this foundation Wizard of OZ: Magic Match has some nice touches of mechanics that further encourage you with the likes of bonuses for completing the level on your first few tries, level streaks that reward you with your own Munchkin prize parade and other magical prizes.


In order to achieve victory you’ll engage in the challenging task of swapping the coloured game tiles to clear them from the game board and score points for doing so while progressing towards the level specific objective. Tiles include a purple heart, red rose, blue ribbon and yellow bricks which all pay homage to the original classic story and represented with bright vibrant mobile colours. While planning ahead is important players can also utilise various power-ups in Wizard of OZ: Magic Match that once again are appropriately themed for the setting. These are rewarded primarily for matching more than 3 tiles at a time to reach high scores and clear the game board in impossible circumstances although also available to carry through mission levels.

Power ups include things like Glinda’s bubble for making L and T shape matches to clear the space around it, the crystal ball which will remove all of a single colour, the lollipop to change colours of tiles and the butterflies for squares which are designed to seek out items and break hazards on the game board. Bonus actions can also be activated by moving the medallions of your favourite character from top to the bottom you’ll activate their own special power.


Alongside all of this players will be building out their own Oz storybook where you can learn various facts from the franchise and unlock special character adventures. These also tie in closely to the array of familiar locations which include Munchkinland, Haunted Forest and Emerald City. With 100s of levels linked to the Wizard of Oz story, variety of levels and high quality design Wizard of OZ: Magic Match is definitely a top tier choice in the diverse match three genre.


  • Explore the Wizard of Oz story in a match three puzzle game for Android and iOS devices.
  • Use powerful Good Witch abilities to clear the game board and pair them with unique powers from other characters.
  • Various requirements for each level from points to certain tiles to ensure a fresh challenge each time.
  • Compare your scores against others and get star ratings on the Emerald City leader boards.
  • Features all your familiar and favourite characters with fantastic visual representation.



Review Platform: iOS

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