• Easy to learn – Card system – Impressive game world
  • Might be too slow for some players

Wizard101 is an extremely popular role playing game designed for younger gamers. The game features a collectible card system and combines it with turn based combat to make the game accessible to all skill levels. The huge success of Wizard101 eventually led to the development of Pirate101 which offers similar gameplay in a different setting.


Wizard101 takes place in the world of Spiral and has players battling evil in order to save it. This fictional virtual world is split into a number of different areas which have their own theme and part to play in the overall storyline.

In the game you’ll step into the shoes of a new wizard apprentice in the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. Players can choose to belong to one of seven different magical schools that each have their own approach to using magic in battle. There are also several additional schools available during the later stages of the game which allows players to expand their magical arsenal even further.

Once players have chosen their school the game follows a fairly standard MMORPG progression system with players accepting quests, advancing the story to unlock new worlds, gaining new equipment, learning new spells, decorating their house and most importantly collecting gold to purchase powerful equipment, potions and other items.


The combat system of Wizard101 is definitely the star of the show with a turn based system that makes it accessible and fair to players of all ages but still manages to offer a huge amount of depth. During combat players will select cards from their card deck in order to eventually bring their enemies health down to zero. Cards come in all shapes and sizes and include damage, healing, buff and debuff cards. Combat isn’t limited to PvE either with plenty of PvP options including ranked and tournaments which offer the very best rewards.

The success of Wizard101 speaks for itself and there simply is no competitor to this massively multiplayer online role playing game for the targeted age group.


  • Choose your magical school and master its spells.
  • Unique game areas to explore as you advance the main story to save Spiral.
  • PvP options add a competitive aspect to gameplay.
  • Safe and friendly for gamers of all ages.
  • Free for PC and Mac.



Review Platform: PC

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