• Educational and fun – Realistic – Multiplayer and community – Strong AI
  • Limited replay value

WolfQuest is a video game available for Windows and Mac that simulates wolf ecology. In the game you’ll get to experience life as a wolf living in Yellowstone National Park in both single player and multiplayer game modes.

Note that the most recent version of WolfQuest is no longer free to play. However, the old version (2.5.1) is available for free here with restrictions around multiplayer, regardless it is still a great alternative for those who can’t buy the full WolfQuest version.


Starting from a demo released in 2007 the game is split into a series of episodes that explore the lifestyle and struggles that a wolf has to deal with for survival. While the game can be played alone players are encouraged to team up into maximum groups of 5 and tackle the adventure together. Outside of the game you’ll find a very active wolf focused community discussing the game, optimal strategies and even furthering the education experience with facts and talks from wolf experts.

In the first episode of the WolfQuest experience players will focus on exploring the landscape and hunting elk in order to survive. You’ll be introduced to all the mechanics available to you and how to control your wolf as you take them from one side of the game world to the other. Eventually players will attempt to integrate with other wolves and find a mate to conclude the episode.

The second WolfQuest episode continues the adventure as players must now claim out their own piece of territory in order to make a den and raise their pups. An important part of caring for your newborn pups is being able to defend them from a wide range of predators such as coyotes and bears that will attempt to harm them.


The multiplayer environment for the game uses the same episodes for the most part although the ability to have a mate is removed making the game more about survival and communicating with your fellow wolf pack. This mode also houses your player account which has a host of achievements and friend lists for you to stay in touch with other players.

Both of the episodes are extremely realistic and provide a good representation of what being a wolf is really like. This makes the game extremely immersive and fun but also educational.


  • Play as a lone wolf or team up with friends.
  • Experience the struggles of being a wolf.
  • Hunt Elk and be hunted by your predators.
  • Fun, immersive and educational.
  • Free to play (old version).



Review Platform: PC

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  1. I wsa looking into this game as an alternative to the dated Feral Heart, but then i went to to go and install it, but decided to look in the forums first and found out that this game is not Free, and ontop of that has disabled public chat in public games instead leaving a limited Phrase Chat in its place for public games. guess i’ll stick with feral heart and enjoy the freedom of chatting there.

  2. The older version of this game is free and still enjoyable no matter what.

  3. Spending $10 on WQ is worth it, its a really great game and I’m pretty addicted tbh. 2.5 is fine, but the 2.7 version is MUCH better. <3

  4. The game is no longer worth it in recent updates, first, it is not free, the first stage is free but unless you purchase the full game you’re doomed to wander a vast nearly empty land.

    It is glitchy and practically unplayable during the stage where you move your pups, I spent two hours trying to get my pups across the river in the most shallow part and they dropped and drowned every time.

    Lastly, the chat in public servers is disabled so no more chatting, unsure if that’s a good thing since there was no moderation of the chat and the reporting did not work.


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