World of Goo

  • Quirky puzzle designs with a unique focus on structure building and leveraging unique goo properties for success
  • Simple fundamentals that are reinvented throughout the goo based worlds
  • Slow early chapters which offer limited challenge and exposure to other goo types results in a lumpy progression
  • Cost to value ratio can be prohibitive on PC and console with only a few hours of challenge

World of Goo relies on physics based puzzles to deliver an impressive and addicting puzzle experience across a large range of platforms. An award winning experience World of Goo is an indie puzzle game developed by a small two man team that explores the physics that globs of goo can go through.


Underpinning this goo based adventure is the World of Goo Corporation who is the current leader in the Goo and related products with pieces of this tole to players through a number of in game cut scenes and in game signs which build out the game world setting and provide context to your ongoing puzzle adventure. As a puzzle and physics focused experience though this story is merely a backdrop to the broader focus of goo based puzzles with expanding mechanics from level 1 to game end.

Fundamental to these mechanics is building various structures from balls of goo giving consideration to the physics properties of goo. These challenging structure creations include the likes of towers, bridges, zeppelins and even cannonballs throughout the puzzle levels. Building these structures aren’t for sheer enjoyment though and serve a practical purpose of transporting your remaining goo balls from the start of the level to the end with each level requiring a certain number of surviving goo balls.


All balls of goo were not created equal though with a variety of different goo types each with its own properties and uses in the game world. This ranges from the common goo which is your standard black goo ball which is highly versatile to goo balls for highly specific tasks.

Examples include balloon goo that slowly flies upwards to help move obstacles, water goo which is ideal for longer chain structures, pokey goo that has sticky spikes to connect it with the terrain and bomb goo for creating explosions amongst others.


Understanding and leveraging these key unique properties is pivotal to your success across the large number of goo themed levels. In addition to the main storyline players can compete against each other in the bonus game where players are challenged to build the largest and highest structure possible using all the goo that they have collected during the core game which requires a detailed understanding of each goo and its respective properties.


  • Enter the World of Goo as you learn and use a range of different goo balls.
  • Impressive physics based puzzles to solve based on goo properties and structure building.
  • Help the require number of goo balls escape through the end of level pipe.
  • Explore an additional challenging bonus game to build the highest tower possible.
  • Consistent experience available across a wide array of game platforms.



Review Platform: PC

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