World of Tanks

  • Amount of content with fantastic attention to detail and customisation opportunities
  • Can be tough to break into the higher tiers of tanks for the free to play gamer

World of Tanks is a free to play vehicle focused MMO available on multiple platforms with players able to drive their own tank into combat against other players. First released in 2010 the core game has since expanded to several spin off titles that have included mobile variants of the World of Tanks formula. This success also led to the releases of World of Warplanes and World of Warships that featured similar gameplay focus albeit with a different vehicle at the players command.


With a focus on historical representation of both old and modern day tanks players have a wealth of potential tanks to unlock and utilise on the battlefields in World of Tanks gameplay. Serving as one of the first in the free to play armoured vehicle combat genre the game has long been at the forefront of the industry with regular iterations ensuring it has remained relevant for over a decade online.

Game modes variety has been central to this longevity in World of Tanks with half a dozen options that let you control the action you’ll experience with some also being retired after running their course. In the present day players will experience battle mode, frontline, ranked battle, team training, clan wars and strongholds amongst a rotation of less serious game events such as a football mode. The random battles of battle mode are the heart of World of Tanks with these further split into standard, assault and encounter variants that tweak the experience slightly.


In the standard mode for example players will battle for 15 minutes against an opposing force to defend their own base while capturing that of the enemy. Assault changes this experience slightly by having only a single base that places players into an either solely attacking of defending role. Lastly in this standard battle mode is encounter where both teams will stumble upon a single base with the battle erupting in the middle of the map for a team to stake their claim to it. If instead you decide that your tank skills could use some work then the team training is a perfect place to grasp the mechanics of the game and become a master tank driver with the customisable lobby it offers.

Regardless of your choice of game mode one consistent is your choice of tank that are unlocked with progression with hundreds available across 5 core archetypes. This includes light, medium, heavy, tank destroyers and the self propelled guns (SPGs) that each have a particular role on the battlefield to optimise for. At a basic level this means light tanks perform an agile flanking role while heavy tanks bring large fire power and armour to your team that are ideal at holding a single point given they are slower to move.


Within each tank tier you’ll find literally dozens of choices that come from the major world powers of Germany, USSR, USA, China, France, UK and Japan. Further customisation to these countries major tanks is also available to players as you begin to breakdown the likes of guns, turrets, engines, suspension, crew, ammo and other equipment that tailors a vehicle to your playstyle further.


  • Tank based free to play MMO available across a large number of platforms
  • Caters to both casual and more hardcore players through different game modes and mechanics.
  • Great variety of tanks to choose from across time periods and major world powers.
  • Wealth of game modes and maps provide different experiences within each match.
  • Millions of players ensure you can always find a game that fits your needs.



Review Platform: PC

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