World of Warships

  • Plenty of ships and maps provide plenty of variety in your gameplay as you tweak your options for your playstyle
  • Pacing is slower than the other games in the franchise which results in less consistent action

World of Warships brings naval action to your computer screen like you’ve never seen it before with a spin-off Blitz version for mobile devices and Legends for console players to enjoy. If you’ve become hooked on the land based World of Tanks and air based World of Warplanes this next evolution of the franchise will not disappoint and unlocks the seas for players to battle each other.

As the name suggests World of Warships brings naval action to the “World of” franchise and just like the other games you’ll battle it out online against other players in a range of environments and game modes. While the pace is on the slightly slower side given the nature of ship warfare compared to the other games the strategy depth is still there as you travel across the Pacific, Atlantic and even the Arctic.


In terms of core gameplay loop you’ll find a familiar formula to the other “World of” titles although World of Warships shifts it to customisable battleships that fall into a range of ship types and are commanded across sea focused maps. With the same sleek interface of the franchise you’ll use in game currencies of experience and credits to unlock and upgrade your ships for combat.

These ships offer their own unique mixture of fire power, speed and armour with categories ranging from destroyers, cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers. World of Warships features ships from across the glove with the likes of USA, Japan, Germany, UK, France and the USSR that each bring their own spin to the aforementioned categories. For the navy buffs amongst gamers you’ll recognise a handful of the ships as realistic with a few fresh and experimental ships available for good measure.


When it all comes together in World of Warships there is a wealth of strategy options regardless of the class of ship that you select. This includes the small and agile destroyers that lack the survivability of other categories but make up for it with their raw ability to avoid enemy firepower with speed while packing a punch themselves.

Cruisers on the other hand are middle of the road and while they can’t match the turning and speed of a destroyer they are important support ships for the larger variants like the battleships. Battleships need this support as they are the flagship offensive unit that have a massive array of long ranged guns and durable hull armour. Lastly is the aircraft carrier class that have the most unique gameplay in World of Warships with a focus on staying back and commanding air squadrons to attack enemy flanks from range. Further customisation is also offered through commanders and the account upgrades that let you further define your role in your broader sea squad.


Regardless of which ship you decide to command though the superb graphics and realistic battle simulation will ensure its brought to life as you also balance ammunition types, aiming and realistic damage systems. When this is combined with over two dozen maps and various game modes each time you step into World of Warships you’ll have a unique challenge. While you do have a single wide open ocean map the majority feature many small islands or take place alongside larger land masses.

For both the long time follower of the franchise or newcomer looking to get their feat wet World of Warships is a winner in the naval combat genre.


  • Take an almighty battleship out to sea from one of four ship classes with their own tactical role.
  • Command your own customisable ships from a range of countries with realistic representations.
  • Large range of map locations that offer a different challenge across the available game modes.
  • Fight against AI and other players alone or with friends to master your naval warfare.
  • Free to play MMO available on a range of platforms.



Review Platform: PC

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