World’s Dawn

  • Wonderful writing, art and characters that blend to create a realistic social and farming simulation
  • Activities lack depth and upgrades which give you few paths to progress and limited replay potential

Inspired by Harvest Moon and other farming based simulation titles, World’s Dawn offers up a colourful seaside village in need of player assistance in a social simulation game that will pull you in for over two dozen hours of gameplay as you revive the surrounding village areas.


Funded out of a Kickstarter campaign World’s Dawn shows all the signs of a game that was meticulously created which comes through most notably in the writing and design of the townsfolk who all feel unique. This pairs well with the visual aesthetics of each character that help build this image of a small village with its own unique and lively inhabitants that have their own stories. Before stepping into this world you’ll get to select your gender, name yourself, pick a hairstyle and also your preferred romance options to ensure you have a relatable adventure ahead of you.

With your character customisation complete you’ll step into the world of Sugar Blossom Village (pet dog following close behind) with players greeted by Mayor Barley before taking over the keys to the old farmhouse and getting your first chance to interact with the game world and your inventory. You’ll also begin to notice the great attention to detail of World’s Dawn from the squirrel running across the road to the carefully placed plants, trees and flowers the world feels extremely real and alive.


Players will immediately recognise the familiar top down graphic style as you quickly become enchanted with the Sugar Blossom Village and its cast of 32 individual characters that roam around and go about their day. Mechanically you’ve got crops, livestock, a farmhouse to customise, festivals to enter, fishing, mining, cooking and a hunt for love which provides a similar mixture to other games in this genre.

Split into individual days the tasks that you choose to complete are entirely up to the player. From heading south into the main town to planting crops or engaging in one of the other side activities your time is your own in World’s Dawn. None of these have a particular large amount of depth and the game is instead focused on adding options to how you spend your days while engaging in the strong social sim elements. Farming is of course the notably exception to this with plenty of depth to explore in how you optimise your crop production across the year round, spring, summer and autumn crop options for your patch of farming land.


Whether it’s garden strawberries, white potatoes, juicy tomatoes, giant pumpkins or raw carrots you’ll find that each has a separate sell price and days to grow that determine your overall profit. Supporting these crops you’ll also earn a steady profit from your livestock of chickens, cows with happy animals providing greater yields if you can meet their barn requirements. Other core World’s Dawn mechanics of fishing, foraging and mining are similarly profitable ventures or play an important role in cooking recipes and character gifts. These gifts tie in with the ultimate goal for many players in World’s Dawn which is achieving marriage with one of the characters by providing them with an abundance of their favourite items.


  • Harvest Moon inspired social simulation game with a wealth of content to explore.
  • Harvest crops, raise livestock, fish and mine as you build relationships with the unique characters and seek potential romance.
  • Explore the game festivals as you watch the town change with the seasons.
  • Beautifully crafted world with strong visuals and writing to bring the game world to life.
  • A relaxing gameplay adventure where you set your own short and long term objectives.



Review Platform: PC

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