X3: Reunion

  • Plenty of depth – Huge world – Looks great
  • Not one for newcomers to the genre as it can be overwhelming

X3: Reunion continues the series of X adventure games with the third game in the franchise. Just like the games before it the game is a single player space experience involving trading, combat and plenty of galaxy exploration.


The story of X3: Reunion continues from where X2 ended with players once again jumping into the mind of Julian from the previous game. The game is set fair into the future in the year 2935 at a time where the entire galaxy has opened up to humans through space travel. X3: Reunion follows Julian as he deals with the remnants of the war against the Kha’ak which still rages on while also hunting down several mysterious artefacts which will help make a jump gate capable of reaching the lost home world of Earth.

X3: Reunion is a sandbox experience, allowing players to complete the main quest line at their own pace. With the huge universe that the game has to offer it’s very easy to get side tracked in exploration and the side quest elements of the game. In total the game has over 150 sectors for players to explore which are linked together through the jumpgate system.


Most of your game time will be spent piloting your ship which players can modify while also choosing from a number of ship types which may be better suited to certain mission types. In order to acquire these ships players will have to gather the currency of the game world through jobs, trading and factories that they player can build. Additionally players will have to improve their status in order to access certain areas or items.

If you’ve previously played a game in the X series you can expect a fairly fresh experience with improvements to HUD elements and in particular the graphics engine which makes the exploration side of gameplay even better. Most notably though the AI has been adjusted and the economy is now much more sophisticated increasing the realism and in turn difficultly of your X3: Reunion adventure.


  • Continues the X series of video games.
  • Space based adventure with plenty of exploration.
  • Focus on combat and trading.
  • New graphics engine brings the series to new heights in graphics quality.
  • Plenty of adjustments to mechanics to improve the overall experience that the game offers.



Review Platform: PC

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