Zafehouse: Diaries

  • Mix of text and turn based – Focus on relationships – Customise name and portraits
  • Poor inventory design – Good decisions and items can't counter bad luck

Zafehouse: Diaries has you guiding a group of survivors through the zombie apocalypse across a number of campaigns with their own difficulty and objectives.


The title is dialogue heavy with much of the story being told through diary like entries. As the game presents you with a rag tag group of survivors managing their relationships with each other is key and facilitated through the relationship screen which summaries how each character feels towards others from friendly to hostile.

Each of these characters are given randomised back stories and starting relationship statuses to give plenty of replay opportunities. Zafehouse: Diaries also includes the ability to enter in names and portraits for your characters to allow you to insert yourself and friends into the adventure which adds a whole extra level of enjoyment and definitely recommended.

This randomised mechanic also extends to the core game map which is a collection of different building types (hospitals, motels, warehouses and other houses). As the layout, threats and items changes with each game players cannot rely on a single strategy for success and must adapt to each unique playthrough.

Actual gameplay is also controlled from this map screen with your individual survivors represented by a token on the map. These tokens can then be moved to other buildings and scout, breach or assault this location to find supplies and remove any zombies at a given location. To ensure success players can also equip various weapons and items.


The game also has a night mode where your main objective is to barricade yourself into a safe house fend off any night time zombie attacks. Players can become infected during this phase (and randomly at other points) which can result in the loss of a member permanently.

The blend of text adventure and turn based gameplay proves to be a potent mixture in Zafehouse: Diaries although a little too much reliance on good old randomisation and luck with a clunky inventory management system can be frustrating at times.


  • A zombie text adventure with plenty of randomisation.
  • Lead your survivors to an objective with time limits (depending on difficulty).
  • Make careful turn based decisions to stay safe and acquire resources.
  • Customise your survivor names and portraits to add realism.
  • Manage the rocky relationships between your survivors.



Review Platform: PC

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