Zen Bound 2

  • Beautiful game design and simply mechanics creates a Zen like atmosphere
  • Manages to be both a relaxing and challenging puzzle experience across over 100 game levels in one
  • PC controls simply don't feel as fluid as other game versions
  • Missed opportunity for online leader boards for competition and comparison for those that want to level up the challenge

Find your own Zen in Zen Bound 2, a unique puzzle game that focuses on a slow and relaxing puzzle experience to let you take away the stress from life. With this calm and meditative experience available for both PC and Nintendo Switch you’ll be able to unwind at home or on the go.


Your objective in each level of Zen Bound 2 is to solve the spatial puzzle that is presented before you which requires the piece of rope under your control to be wrapped around the various wooden sculptures. The purpose of this setup is for players to cover the bare wooden object with various of colours of paint with wherever your piece of rope touches transforming to painted wood. While a relaxing experience you’ll need to keep in mind your objective of covering as much of the wooden object as possible with paint before tying a knot around a nail on the wooden sculpture to end the level.

Ultimately you are judged against the level minimum which requires a certain percentage of the wooden item to be covered in paint from your rope. Flowers (the in game currency) are your reward based on how much you cover which is used to unlock more levels which means some backtracking may be required as you optimise your gameplay in particular levels to achieve the minimum flower cut off points required. Zen Bound 2 is finely tuned though that you need not perfect every single level (unless you want to) and keeps the overall game relaxing while retaining complexity and challenge for those that wish to pursue it.


Similar to other games in the genre with these sort of puzzles your mechanical success relies on manipulation of the camera, the space within each level and your analysis of the object itself to identify easy to paint locations and also corners to anchor your rope. In total there are over 100 such levels that feature all manner of wooden objects from simple 3D shapes to complex wooden animals like elephants or dolphins and seemingly random shapes that provide the greatest challenge.

All of these levels are a beautiful offering in Zen Bound 2 as well with these wooden objects simply bursting out of the screen of your chosen platform. All of these levels are also carefully paired with a range of native, industrial or plain backgrounds and a fantastic soundtrack of nearly an hour in length which both assist in building the relaxation focus of the game.


Overall Zen Bound 2 exceeds the goal it has set itself to be a relaxing puzzle challenge and features a number of vast improvements over the original game.


  • Offers a relaxing and challenging puzzle experience at the same time.
  • Beautiful game soundtrack of nearly an hour in length that helps to create the Zen atmosphere.
  • Unique puzzle concept which revolves around covering wooden structures with paint using a rope under your control.
  • Superb graphic design that brings all the individual nooks and crannies of the wooden objects.
  • Play across different devices with PC and Nintendo Switch game versions.



Review Platform: PC

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