Zezenia Online

  • Class options – Community atmosphere – Bosses and monster variety
  • Can be tough to get started

Zezenia Online is a free to play 2D MMORPG that lets you develop your own character, gain levels, master a variety of skills, tackle countless quests and more. With 7 classes stemming from 3 core classes (warrior, ranger and mage) there is a playstyle for all tastes.


The game is very much about exploration and community with a huge game world and tight community behind the game. Spread across this huge world are hundreds of different monsters, dozens of bosses, a huge range of quests and plenty of mysterious locations. PvE isn’t the only threat in Zezenia Online though with large scale guild wars a common theme.

Starting in the humble chapel of Sakanrel players will learn the basics that they need to survive before beginning the real journey from the heart of the game world and capital city known as Ellaria. This is just the very start of what you’ll experience in Zezenia Online with your adventure eventually taking you to the other continents that come with their own theme, enemies and history to explore.

The focus of Zezenia Online is definitely on bringing the community together through PvP, party questing and a vibrant player driven economy. PvP happens on a massive scale on both the PvP and Non-PvP servers as large guilds clash across the game world to prove their power.


Parties are key to feeling safe in the PvP servers but also play an important role in hunting down the bosses of the world which are guaranteed to put up a difficult fight, but well worth it for the rewards that they can provide.

Zezenia Online isn’t shy on side activities either with player housing, fishing, a soccer arena and much more. If you want a lightweight but extremely deep MMORPG experience that promises a strong community you’ll find that Zezenia Online is perfect.


  • Community driven.
  • Free to play and very small game client size.
  • Huge amount of quests and locations.
  • Plenty of boss battles to challenge in parties and guilds.
  • 7 class options.



Review Platform: PC

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