Zezenia Online

  • 7 diverse classes provide a role for everyone to play as
  • Community atmosphere with plenty of content across PvE and PvP
  • Can be tough to get started given game has been online for over a decade

Zezenia Online is a free to play 2D MMORPG with a wealth of content for players with your goal to develop your own character, gain levels, master a variety of skills, tackle countless quests and other MMO activities. Set across a diverse set of 4 continents players will quickly discover hundreds of monsters and spells as you take control of one of the 7 subclasses.


Zezenia Online has many similarities to the popular Tibia MMO experience with a focus on exploration and community within a huge game world that has resulted in a tight community player group behind the game. Spread across this huge world are hundreds of different monsters, dozens of bosses, a huge range of quests and plenty of mysterious locations that rival even paid MMO games. PvE isn’t the only threat in Zezenia Online though with large scale guild wars and other PvP activities also a common theme for players to dive into.

Starting in the humble chapel of Sakanrel players will learn the basics that they need to survive before beginning the real journey from the heart of the game world and capital city known as Ellaria. This is just the start of what you’ll experience in Zezenia Online though with your adventure eventually taking you to the other continents that come with their own theme, enemies and history to explore.


Your avatar for this journey is one that you customise to your tastes with the foundation of this being the class. From the familiar base classes of warrior, ranger and mage you’ll eventually transition to one of the 7 subclasses that further specialise in a theme of the base class. Warriors for example are the masters of melee and defending with their sword and axe weapon archetypes and high health per level gain that makes them an ideal beginner path. In time these warriors can choose to specialise in the damage focused barbarian or opt for the safer paladin that adds healing to their arsenal for greater survival.

This is of course in contrast to the ranger that is focused on distance fighting with ranged weapons which provides a tougher challenge for players but are deadly opponents in PvE and PvP content. For subclasses you’ll have to choose to focus on either PvE in the fast Marksman or dive into the Rogue who can devastate in PvP gameplay. Lastly is the mage archetype which is the only class in Zezenia Online to offer three pathways and as a magic user earns less health per level but greater mana per level up. Subclasses for this magic specialist include the shaman who focuses on utility, the warlock that leans into PvP single target attacks and the pyromancer who prefers large area of effect spells that devastate your surroundings.


Reaching these high points of class development does not come free though and players will have to accept an array of quests from NPCs that have you hunting monsters. This hunting of monsters also generates the necessary experience and money to progress further with your character and are set across the continents of Nyrathia, Ben Qarassih, Vevay and the Ice Islands. While monsters start simple with rats, snakes, wolves and beetles you’ll find large late game dragons, demons and orcs that will push your game knowledge.

Alongside this game knowledge your equipment will prove pivotal to your PvE and PvP survival with a regular stream of new weapons for all the classes which allow warriors to go from simple wooden stick to the mythical axe of destruction in time. Paired with your balance of armour across helmets, boots, legs, chest and jewellery you’ll always have that equipment goal to strive for. Zezenia Online isn’t shy on side activities either with player housing, fishing, a soccer arena and much more to provide a break from the core lightweight but enjoyable MMORPG experience.


  • A free to play 2D MMORPG full of PvE, PvP and community.
  • Play as a warrior, ranger or mage and eventually advance to one of the 7 diverse subclasses with their own specialty.
  • Uncover a wealth of NPC quests and locations across the 4 game continents.
  • Team up with other players in the community through the guild focused content or challenge them in PvP instead.
  • Dive into dungeons, player housing and even soccer arenas for additional content variety.



Review Platform: PC

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