Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends

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  • Solid RTS foundations – 3 races – Unique features and ideas
  • The odd flaw keeps it from reaching true potential

Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends is an RTS game published by Microsoft that is a spin-off of the original and highly popular Rise of Nations game. Unlike the original the game is set in a fantasy world that blends magic and technology together.


Despite the change in setting the game still plays very much like Rise of Nations with players building their cities, protecting their borders and waging war against their enemies. The game mechanics of attrition and assimilation also make a comeback.

For players unfamiliar with the Rise of Nations series attrition reduces the hit points of enemies while in your territory (which can be countered) while assimilation renders newly captured cities useless (can’t create units) for a time being while they are assimilated into your control.

The game has plenty of new features and game mechanics though including heroes, city districts and simplified resource management that uses two resources.

In Rise of Legends you can choose from one of three available races that each have their own gameplay flow, units and strategies. There is the Alin (the magical race), Vinci (the technology based race) and the alien Cuotl that open up a whole new strategy with their different resource system.


Gameplay is different from other RTS games with players taking control of a city with up to 5 districts (depending on the race) within that city rather than expanding a settlement or base. The districts are split into military, merchant, palace, magus (Alin), and industrial (Vinci) which control different aspects of your city.

Rise of Legends has appeal to fans of the original Rise of Nations or fans of science fiction RTS games. After playing you’ll be impressed with the solid real time strategy foundations and wonder why such a well-designed (and critically praised) never got as much love as the original.


  • Sequel to the popular Rise of Nations game.
  • A fantasy world setting that mixes advanced technology and magic.
  • 3 different races to play and learn their strategies.
  • Different method of building your base with city districts.
  • Popular with critics and fans of the original.



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