Rocketball: Championship Cup

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  • High quality clone – Quick games with easy matchmaking
  • Some bugs will leave you stuck in the goal – Regular game leavers

Bringing Rocket League to Android devices is Rocketball: Championship Cup a simply designed app that captures the gameplay well but doesn’t offer a large list of features. Despite this it’s an enjoyable experience that has all the core requirements.


Available only on Android Rocketball: Championship Cup is one of the better Rocket League clones to reach the app store with many awful apps popping up since the success of the soccer and car combination title.

Choosing not to mess around your home screen in Rocketball: Championship Cup lets you get straight into the action, listing out your available cars (3 as at this review) and the available team colours (blue or orange). By selecting your preferred car and a team colour you can head into a game match where your game currency (coins) are wagered.

You’ve got 3 matches to chose from which vary in entry free from 20 to 500 and generally alter the difficultly of opponent you’ll come across. If a player is on the winning team at the end of the 3 minutes you’ll double the coins that you wagered. Similar to Rocket League your object is to move the soccer ball into the goal and thus outscore your opponents. To add a little more strategy players can perform a jump or boost their car for extra speed.


Beyond this simple premise Rocketball: Championship Cup offers options for assist drive which helps point your car towards the game ball and 3 different control schemes.

While the design is exceedingly simple the ability to quickly jump into a 3 minute game and score goals without too many bugs makes Rocketball: Championship Cup the only real option for Rocket League fans looking to take their love to their Android device.


  • Android app inspired by Rocket League.
  • Push the game ball through the net with the aid of boosts and jumps.
  • 3 control schemes to choose from.
  • Select from 1 of 3 available cars.
  • Wager your game coins to keep track of your progress.



Review Platform: Android

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